Those of you that have been following our festival pages for a while may remember that back in January 2016 we shared the AWESOME Bubble Bros Prosecco Van. The first bar of its kind and one that at the time had never been seen on a wedding blog before. Well as you can imagine – the world went crazy! One post on our Facebook Page led to hundreds and hundreds of likes and page shares and the blog post itself remained one of our most viewed pages of 2016 and we are not surprised. Who wouldn’t love a bar that serves Prosecco on tap by two handsome men?

Since then The Bubble Bros have gone from strength to strength and, in their first year of business, have supplied their yummy Prosecco at over 100 weddings and private events across the UK and also appeared at some well known festivals. And it doesn’t end there! The guys have now launched a second innovative and oh so very cool bar – a 1969 classic motorbike, complete with its original sidecar, which has been converted into a great little mobile sparkling wine bar that we love love LOVE!

If you are looking for a bar to hire for your wedding then you may have just hit the jackpot. These two bars are the epitome of festival wedding cool and we are so excited to be sharing them with you today.

The Bar Details….

The Bubble Bros Prosecco Van is a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape that has been lovingly converted into a sparkling wine bar and Prosecco wagon. It’s available to hire for weddings, parties and events and brings something very cool, quirky, stylish and totally unique to your wedding day. Trust me, your guests will LOVE having their welcome drinks served from this bad boy and it will most definitely be one of the talking points of your day.

The Bubble Bros and their Prosecco Van have been a popular edition to a number of events at Syon Park…and the bubbles they serve are dangerously delicious. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for something a little different for their event.  – Syon House (venue)

The bar serves flash-cooled Glera Frizzante on tap (yum), so you don’t have to pre-chill hundreds of bottles. This removes the need to hire cumbersome refrigeration units and dozens of ice buckets. Their bubbly comes by the barrel with each barrel containing 160 glasses.

The guys were great from start and finish and service on the evening fantastic. Lovely team…can highly recommend for your big day. – Beccy Bosman (Bride)

The special layout of the bar means that your guests can either be served by a member of their staff, or help themselves to a glass without wasting a drop. The boys can also supply Frizzenti Prosecco by the bottle. Please let them know if you’d like more information about any of the sparkling wines they carry and they will send you over a list.

The Original Prosecco Van

Words by Joe and Ben of The Bubble Bros

We started the Prosecco Van concept back in 2015 and have been traveling around the UK with our little Ape ever since. We’ve served at over 100 weddings and private events and have also poured bubbly by the glass to hundreds of thousands of people at festivals all over the country including the inimitable Glastonbury. 

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you, essentially. You guys have literally invented an entirely new concept, paving the way for loads of others. – Bubbles & Barley

On-tap sparkling wine is very temperamental if it isn’t handled correctly. It can become warm or lose its sparkle very quickly. Perfecting our pour took us a long time to master and we use a highly skilled maintenance company to make sure our bar system is always finely tuned, so your bubbly is chilled to perfection and flawless with every glass.

We are professional, reliable and bring something special to every event we attend. We have a team of enthusiastic, friendly, well-trained hosts, who will help make your Bubble Bros experience extraordinary.

Accept no imitations.


The Bubble Bike

The World’s First Motorbike and Sidecar Bar

This beautiful beast is a 1969 classic, complete with its original sidecar, which we’ve lovingly converted into a great little mobile sparkling wine bar.

Available to hire for Summer 2017!

The bike is a wonderful piece of design history and never fails to turn heads as it roars down country lanes. It is in restored working order (and fully road legal) and the sidecar has been adapted to serve ice cold bubbly on tap and straight from the barrel. It is a little smaller than our Prosecco Van, so is easier to accommodate and fits neatly into smaller venues.

Our beloved Bubble Bike is a truly unique addition to any wedding, party or event. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

For more information on The Bubble Bros and their unique bars, please visit their website. You can also view further contact details in our festival wedding directory.

Now who would like to join me in a glass of Prosecco? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right!?

Big Wedding Love

Laura xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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