Kerry Ann Duffy, a fabulous photographer based in Kent, has been a friend of Festival Brides ever since we met her at our friends wedding back in July where she produced beautiful pictures that really captured everything that was BRILLIANT about their day.

In addition to her wedding photography, Kerry is now offering ‘Rock The Dress‘ Shoots, giving brides or bridesmaids the chance to don on their beautiful dresses one last time and ‘rock’ them in front of the camera!

Kerry asked Festival Brides if we would feature her very FIRST rock the dress shoot featuring the beautiful Laura Newell (whose wedding was where we first met Kerry!) and of course we jumped at the chance!!!

Not only are the photo’s awesome BUT reading Laura’s account of the day highlights that being a good photographer isn’t just about taking amazing pictures, it’s also about making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and capturing different sides of their personality within the pictures. Kerry seems to have done this beautifully which is why we are honored to feature her work on Festival Brides.

Kerry and Laura explain their takes on the day……


Kerry says, “I have decided that I would like to start offering Rock The Dress shoots. I know that they are known as Trash The Dress as well but I just thought that ‘rocking’ it sounds more appealing and after all, rocking it is what we will be doing! If you are happy to trash it in the process then that’s great too and we will be sure to get some amazing photos by doing so.

I asked Laura if she would like to be my first Rock The Dress client and she jumped at the chance. She brought along lots of accessories and ideas for the shoot which was brilliant. I had also got together lots of my own props and accessories so we had a great big bag of pretty things to play with! I did suggest a couple of things to Laura before the day and that was, bring some biker/military boots and spend some time applying your makeup, ensuring it’s bolder than what you had on the Wedding Day.

The shoot is a lot more Fashion/Editorial based than the usual Wedding Photos and that is why I want to do these shoots.  As everyone who knows me will tell you, it is this area that is my passion…, styling etc.  So I am in my element styling and directing this kind of shoot.  As I mentioned, Laura did her own makeup and hair but I will be offering packages which incorporate hair and makeup by the very talented Emma Smisson as well.”


Laura said – “Prior to my wedding day my photographer Kerry had mentioned to me the idea of doing a ‘Rock The Dress’ shoot and instantly the thought appealed to me immensely!

Kerry has a great way of making you feel relaxed in front of the camera and knowing that I wasn’t particularly camera shy meant that I was lucky enough to be her ‘guinea pig’ for the concept!

Once back from honeymoon and the wedding day was already becoming a distant memory we decided to set a date for the shoot as soon as possible and make the most of the Indian summer we had late in September.



We agreed that the theme for the shoot should be edgy and urban but still be able to show off the amazing qualities of my dress. Both Kerry and I took along lots of different accessories so we had things on hand to thrown on throughout the shoot.

On the day getting into the dress (just!) felt totally different than on my wedding day but still with a massive feeling of excitement.

The locations Kerry chose also linked with the theme, part of the shoot was done at a railway bridge which had some walls with graffiti, this area was great when we did the ‘runaway bride’ style shots. I actually felt like I was running away from something (or someone) whilst we did these!



We then moved on to a gorgeous field for some more tranquil shots, I love how the sun was just starting to go down in these photo’s and Kerry has managed to catch a sense of innocence and carefree within me.



What made it even more fun was that people were taking a double take in their cars wondering what I must have been doing prancing around at 4pm on a Monday afternoon! As the pictures show I even had a few dogs come and sniff round me to see what we were up to!



The results speak for themselves and I am so lucky to have such beautiful pictures of me in my wedding dress not only on the happiest day of my life but also in a totally contrasting light.

In today’s financial climate it is crazy to think that the average bride spends over £1000 on her wedding dress and only gets to wear it for 1 day. I would thoroughly recommend to any bride to book a ‘rock the dress’ shoot, it gives you the opportunity to actually appreciate the reasons why you chose your dress as well as get some shots that you may never thought you would ever get of yourself.”

Kerry says her Rock The Dress shoots will give brides the chance to get their dress on again and ‘work it!’ in a completely different way to their wedding day.

The shoot isn’t just limited to a Wedding Dress either, be it a Ball Gown you want to get on again or a bridesmaid dress you really loved, it’s just ‘Rock The Dress’ so you can choose the dress, the location, the idea……..and Kerry will make you look like you belong in the pages of a high end magazine!

Kerry is currently running a competition to win a Rock The Dress shoot and Festival Brides is on the judging panel!!! The lucky winner’s shoot will be featured on our blog so watch this space!

For more details on Kerry Ann Duffy’s photography or for more information on her Rock The Dress Shoot’s please visit her website or facebook page.

Big thanks to both Kerry and Laura for sharing the shoot with us! It ‘rocked’ our Saturday!!

All images provided by Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend – Bob and I are off to a 80’s fancy dress party tonight! We’re going as Super Mario and Princess Peach – oh the shame!!

Big love

Festival Brides x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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