J14Because, well just because every damn hump day needs a little sparkle to lift you up, a little fairy dust to push you closer to the weekend and well, we like ours in the form of seriously boho jewels.

Whether is super sultry gemstones from west coast America, boheme tassels from Barcelona or barely there pieces for the girl who doesn’t wear jewellery, we’ve got you, your bridesmaids and your honeymoon collection totally sorted, doll!

Just a little warning: PREPARE. TO. SWOON.

Jacquie Aiche


Like, I don’t know whether to sit and stare, fist pump into thin air or lie down for fear of fainting; this must be THE sexiest jewellery line.

I can’t even… Y’all just need to just take a look before I lose my sh!

J5J13J1j2aJ2  J3 Right?! And how awesome is that twist on a crescent moon pendant? We just adore that shape, however it comes!

Tourmalines, rubies, moonstones, aquamarines, sapphires, chrysoprase… Whichever stone you choose to adorn yourself with, Jacquie’s pieces are exquisite, empowering their wearers and leaving them wanting more of this sublime beauty.

Jacqui herself writes:

A woman’s natural beauty can be illuminated with the right piece of jewelry, and that is my mission. To create jewelry that will make every woman look and feel uniquely beautiful

Um, mission well and truly accomplished, honey!

J4 copyJ11J6For real, though.

They’re just so exotic! It’s no wonder really, raised in a multi-cultural home with both Egyptian and American parents, Jacquie’s signature style is the unlikely combination of these two rich heritages. Merging Native American turquoise relics, fossils and, of course, precious gemstones, with Middle Eastern vibes: amulets, goddess imagery and hammered gold… This is the drive behind Jacquie’s design philosophy.

It’s ceremony perfect, wedding night perfect (like seriously, he’s gonna lose it!) and of course, it’s THE perfect honeymoon wear.

J7J8J9J10J12UH-MAZING.  This was my favourite find this month – for sure!

Described as: ‘The sartorial embodiment of ethereal ease’ Jacquie’s work really couldn’t be any more Festival Bride perfect!

Can’t wait to see you brides rocking this brand!

Mimi Scholer

Oh. My. Heavens.

(Apologies for the overly punctuated statements throughout this write up, but COME ON, these collections deserve all the drama!)

Mimi: a German designer who’s lived and worked in Barcelona for the past 8 years and, quite frankly, has NAILED IT.

If you’re looking for exuberant, supremely beautiful understated statements, you needn’t look any further, sweetie.

M1M2M5M3Each piece tells a deep, thoughtful story; every precious stone, agate, quartz, amethyst, amazonite, every strand of silk and bar of gold sings a vibrant and organic yet, at the the same time, sober and elegant song.

It really is poetry. An heirloom piece, for sure.

M4M6M7M8M9You can view a vast collection of Mimi’s creations on her pinterest board and order by dropping her an email via her website. Every piece is crafted by hand in Mimi’s boutique, located close to the ancient Santa Catarina Market in Barcelona.

One word, SWOON.

Sehti Na

A pioneering spirit, Sehti draws on both tradition and imagination to create something unique and, BOY, do we love her for it!

So, I don’t know about you brides, but I find a bit of a paradox in myself when it comes to jewellery, a.k.a. I’m obsessed with it (no really, ask my husband!), yet I barely and rarely wear it (aside from my wedding rings!).

A jewel-less jewel lover.

Enter: Sehti.

It’s jewelry for women who don’t wear jewelry… Pieces become keepsakes and rarely see the bottom of a jewelry box… Her range of reference is eclectic… All of this is charmingly unobtrusive; a stellar mix of youthful spirit and adult elan  


Subtle, stylish yet unobtrusive? Naturally, we love it.

S1S2S5S3S7S4S6aNow, if that hasn’t added a little sparkle to your grump hump day, really, nothing will!

Be sure to stop by our place tomorrow by the way, we’ve the most incredible beachy boho DIY for our crafty brides! It’s super-easy and SUPER-gorge!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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