C26What up girls!

Boy oh boy do we got some prettiness to show you today! Please put your hands together for this super fresh nail art trend: Negative Space.

Wait — what? Negative Space what?!

Help us out, XO Vain:

…the negative space manicure. In other words: leaving a part of your bare nail showing

Or in other words: the hottest thing to wear on your nails this Spring / Summer!

This trend works for every kind of bride, even those who are anti nail art (shocking, I know!) it can be subtle and muted in effect, works uh-mazingly in a white polish, can be taken over to the dark side or, if you’re into that kinda thing, can be some of the loudest proudest nail art around… And, yes, of course we’re gonna cover every eventuality!

Let’s get to it shall we? These are my Negative Space claws, by the incredible @NeonNightNails, just two minimal square segments in OPI Alpine Snow on my middle and ring fingers, with a sheer nude base of Nails Inc South Moulton. Oh and in case y’all would like to know, that rad little aquamarine bracelet is by our FAVE Wanderlust Life.

Hashtag nail swag.


Chill Out

So! We’re gonna kick things off with something nice and subtle; our Chill Out looks.

We’re talking all things clean cut: diagonal segments, painted half moons, naked half moons on an otherwise painted nail, and we’re loving them in muted earthy colours: sage green, tones of apricots, the always gorgeous sandy nude and of course, a beautifully pale slate…

Girl, if you thought you hated nail art, especially for a bridal look, I’mma ’bout to turn your life upside down!

C28C27C20C22 29C25C24I mean, RIGHT?!

Understated variation, colours so good you just wanna cuddle up in their softness and the negative space gives them a beautifully natural feel, as the naked nail remains exposed.

They’re perfect for the spring woodland bride, echoing those gentle lilting notions of Mother Nature while still looking clean and fresh.

We are ALL about the Chill nail.

White Out

‘Cause every bride loves a bit of white and every white polish loves a skin tone!

What I mean to say is, white polish will enhance your skin tone, be it bronzed olive goddess (holler at me, girls!) or beautifully pale porcelain… Every shade of the spectrum looks incredible against a fresh white polish and, to state the obvious, it’ll probably match your dress, hey?!

Add to that a little negative space in square blocks, chevrons, or a grid effect and you’ve got yourself something a little bit edgy and wholly original for the bridal world.

W8W6W5W10W16W9W11W4W7What’s that?

Your life is transformed? Oh, you’re welcome, honey!

Black Out

Black + Negative Space is the new black.

…Does that even make sense?! You know what I’m saying.

Black is a tricky one though, brides are either hell bent on it (power to you, you rock goddess!) or they’re all like:

“Black? Girl you’re trippin'”

So, you know me, I went ahead and catered for both!

For ladies of the latter opinion, here’s your dose of hella cool, minimal black design, totally beautiful and totally bride-worthy:

B2B32And for those brides of the former opinion, looking to nail something from the darkside (Man alive, I’m pun central today, sorry gals!) then the following are for you!

Daring, bold, at times completely mismatched and yet fluid in their design (Nail techs are freakin’ geniuses!) and just badass, we LOVE this for the anti-bride.

Go ahead, I dare you!


B3B36B34 35Left: Refinery29  Right: Health Beauty Life


Throw a bit of white in there to take it over to monochrome chic. Très jolie, mademoiselle.

Play Out

Now, I’m gonna go out on a bit of limb here and say: we know our free-spirited brides, and we know y’all like to have fun, so these playful bohemian looks are for you!

Whether you rock something like this for your wedding day (OMGSH please do!) or you’re feelin’ it for your hen party, we just had to show you and hopefully convert you!

Are you a bride-to-be who straight up LOVES nail art? Or are you looking to include some sort of pop of playfulness into your bridal look that you’re yet to find?

…Then prepare to swoon your socks off!

P14P17P15P13Evil eye designs, the super on point lashes graphic, or a super fun expression of your excitement… We heart them all, in a big way!

Now, it wouldn’t be a FBrides article without a bit of sparkle, would it? And you can totally rock the Negative space trend with metallics or glitter!

P18P19P21P23Those gold stripes though, I know what mani I want next!

And for my colour lovers, Negative Space is perfectly, wait no, PERFECTLY juxtaposed by bright polishes, we just can’t get over how gorgeous they are.

Don’t be a nude if you’re a sunshine yellow. You do you. Your bridal look is an act of self expression – anything goes, lady!

P31P30P33Eee! So, so fun! And we’re totally taken with the matte topcoat the’ve used alongside the brights, it’s the perfect, grown up finish to these mani’s.

So, whatcha thinking? Have I managed to convert any anti-nail-art brides?! We’d love to hear your take on this trend, and bridal nails in general, drop us a comment below!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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