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Despite being a sweet symbol of love and passion, the garter seems to have lost popularity in recent years. I’m here to convince my fellow festival brides that this tradition is coming back strong, with a wonderfully alternative and bohemian edge.


 Image Credit: Ruffled

But first, why wear a garter? What’s the concept behind these delicate pretties? Hilariously, according to tradition, after the wedding and reception had tken place the couple were escorted to their marital bed by their family. The garter would then be taken from the bride and returned by the family as proof of a marriage consummated! Mad times. In other news, they can be the sexiest little addition to your wedding ensemble and compliment your festival chic look perfectly.

A more fun tradition is the tossing of the garter. Much like throwing your bouquet for your female guests to squabble over, the garter can be tossed (or, I like to think in a slingshot-style action – much more entertaining) into a crowd of your male guests! Whether you go for the fun toss or keep this extra special embellishment for your man’s eyes only, the garter is a super sweet gesture that can (trust me here) be perfectly elegant and completely tack free.

Let’s start with an absolute showstopper. As I’m sure you’re all quickly learning, here at Festival Brides we are huge fans of feathers and their wonderfully ethereal qualities so here it is, from a Californian boutique: a pure white feathered garter. Delicately adorned with minimal rhinestones, this style gives you just a hint of sparkle without being at all overwhelming. With its soft edges, we think this flattering design screams sensuality and lusciousness. Put simply: we adore it.


 Image Credit – The Little White Dress via Etsy 

That very same Californian boutique, The Little White Dress, has also created this beautifully simple White Venise Lace garter. I love this floral style. It’s so understated and gentle. The band is relatively thin, without being so thin that you risk any ‘cutting in’ and it sits flush and subtle against the thigh. A similar concept is seen in Angelika Liv’s ‘Eyes on me’ garter. In a soft royal white lace, this garter is intricately embroidered with a tiny design and gracefully finished with just 4 little white pearls. We adore the charm of this piece. There’s something a little Art Deco about its curve and grandeur in the delicacy of its intricate design. It’s just so pretty; I think I’d struggle not to show it off… ha! Forever the refined lady!



Image Credit: The Little White Dress & Angelica Liv via Etsy

Now for something a little more embellished. Allow me to introduce you to the laced beauty of Millie Icaro’s ‘Fleur Ivory’. A tentative step towards an entirely jeweled garter, the Fleur is the epitome of femininity. Gracing your leg with a band of finely engineered lace in light ivory, the fleur is delicately hand-beaded with the glow of swarovski crystals and pearls; a gorgeous balance of lace and sparkle.


Image Credit: Milliel Caro

If, like me, you’re a yellow gold kind-of-girl your favourite golden tones can be found on the pages of Bride Boutik’s store. These warm hued beads add a lovely originality to these garters, moving away from the classically bridal and gently into a subtle sunny palette. Perfect for a bohemian summer affair, it’s gold without being too glam. A muted matte gold really is sublime. This dual set of garters also allows you to stack up your bands, a trend I really love. As with bracelets and bangles: sometimes more is more!


Image Credit: Brides Boutik

And on that ‘more is more’ note, the ‘Sophia’ from La Gartier displays exactly how to do a wholly embellished garter whilst keeping it classy. A sleek slim garter with rhinestones and moon beads that alternate to form a modern, yet vintage inspired pattern. We love the touch of old age glamour that Sophia brings to the table.


Image Credit: La Gartier Garters

Now this final trend is a firm favourite: it’s a nod to the garter but with a major edge, which needless to say – WE LOVE! Moving away from typically ‘bridal’ and into the realms of festival and beach chic, the thigh chain is the ultimate in alternative garters. Sassy, enticing and just plain cool these chains are available in silver, gold, with rhinestones, with turquoise… you name it, they’ve probably made one! Hanging freely around the thigh, these pieces are both flattering and without uncomfortable restriction, whilst also creating a stunning photograph opportunity and a shed load of excitement for your new hubby later on! The ultimate in something a little bit hippie and a whole lot of awesome… can you tell what I’d choose?!




Image Credit: Lo. LA via Etsy, Laced with Luster via Etsy and Voir Moi

Although an old tradition, a garter can be really ace and a great addition to your bridal look. We think the key (as ever) is to choose something that wholly suits your style and that you’re totally comfortable with.

Happy garter shopping darlings!


Clare xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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