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One of the best things about writing a festival wedding blog is we get to introduce you to cool, quirky and unique suppliers that we just know you are going to love. Sui-Shi Domes, with their one of a kind canvas structures, are one of those suppliers.

We are pretty confident that, unless you have visited Wilderness Festival in the last few years, you would not have come across these unconventional dome like structures before making them all the more appealing!


Sui-Shi Domes specialise in the design and fabrication of highly distinguishable dome structures which are truly unique in style and appearance. Inspired by natural organic landscapes, these innovative formations are the brainchild of Tracie and Nicholas who, in 2012 saw a gap in the market for a more ingenious marquee and decided to fill it! Two years on and they are now hosting events worldwide and are looking to branch out into the wonderful world of weddings.

Sui-Shi Domes was always about creating spaces…………spaces where one could transform a landscape with a beautiful structure whether it is on the beach, up a mountain or in a forest! Sui-Shi Domes believe in having the freedom to go anywhere you may wish to go and be able to transform that space without compromising on the natural beauty of the existing landscape. Every decision on the design and construction of these fabulous Tulip Domes has been considerately thought through to allow for maximum flexibility and functionality. You’ll see how practical they are when you use them! There are no guy ropes or central pole so space is at a maximum in each and every dome.


From the outset Tracie and Nicholas opted for quality and craftsmanship using fabrics constructed by a UK sail-making company with over 180 years’ experience. The Domes are waterproof, windproof, incorporate a sailing technology system and are designed with flexibility in mind.

“We are looking to change the visual landscape with our Tulip Domes and redesign the architecture of event spaces…”

Sui-Shi Domes work with a team of highly talented people for each of their events whether it’s a festival or a wedding and have an extended network of friends and family built from years of experience working within their respective fields. Whether you are looking for a bohemian theme or would like to dress your dome as a magical tree-house, Sui-Shi Domes are creative designers and can pull in the perfect team to help you create your own unique and inspirational space.


Creative Decor

Tracie and Nicholas can design, create and produce your wedding decor to specification and will work with you so your dream theme is achieved. They can provide lighting, bunting, fabric panels and flowers and can pull on their years of experience working at festival’s such as Wilderness, Lovebox, Glastonbury, Electric Picnic, Secret Garden Party and Bestival to curate some pretty cool festival style wedding decor. Alternatively, if you have your own ideas you are more than welcome to decorate the Domes to suit the theme of your day.



The Domes can be arranged in a number of ways depending on what works for your wedding day. For example in a triple dome specification, you can have one space for dining, one for dancing and the other dome as a bar space. Each dome is connected to the other using connecting tunnels to create a modular structure for multi-purpose use. Or they can be set up individually in different parts of your space.

If you would like more information on how you can hire these über cool domes for your wedding please visit the Sui-Shi Domes website or call Tracie and Nicholas on 07958 327893.

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