Afternoon, babes! Now I don’t know about you, but this time of year’s always got me loving all the soft snowy whites. So when I saw that literally every store was selling beautiful stems of Pussy Willow this year (I got mine at M&S!) something about those little pompoms of furry white sparked my wedding brain and now all I see, everywhere, are soft clouds of white.

Whether it’s a the gentle blur of vellum stationery, or the abundance of layered ruffled hems and sleeves in Rime Arodaky’s 2018 collection *cue the drooling emoji*… Softening-off white edges to create that wintery, dream-like quality (as opposed to the crisp, clean lines of summer whites) is hitting all our buttons right now.

Kicking off this mood board then, with the natural materials that inspired it. From delicate white willow crowns, to abundant buds of cotton foliage to create incredibly textured floral instalments or add texture to a winter bouquet…

Stunning right?! In a totally natural, unassuming way – which we love it all the more for!

And the world of bridal style certainly seems to have taken note, with layered chiffon ruffles softening silhouettes, feathered textured cuffs and panels of fine cobweb-like lace. So elegant and dreamy, these details create a beautiful lightness in the gowns and blur hemlines in the most delicate of ways…

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Festival Brides mood board if we didn’t include an abundance of food ideas to interpret this theme! Food is synonymous with texture, so embracing this trend for soft whites is easy and oh-so beautiful!

From majestic tiers adorned with layers of silky ruffled icing, to more modest coconut-covered cakes or while dustings of powdered sugar on donuts and homemade mallows; wispy white textures are plentiful in the dessert realm. And I mean, could you get any cuter than little poms of white candy floss to top your champagne toast?! We think not…

  Craving coconut in a big way now!

This trend translates beautifully into bridal hair too, with platinum ash blonde tousled bobs, or up dos with a multitude of teased-out white wisps creating such a gentle winter look for all our blonde brides. We love this look paired with very fresh faced makeup: if you can get away with it, go so far as bare, foundation-free skin with cream highlights, a gentle apricot blush and subtle lip stains to really emphasise the organic velvety white of your locks…

 Soft whites, of course, also translate into bridal lingerie with the likes of Mae’s Sunday and Aimee Cherie Intimates embracing loose waving ruffles to smooth edges and add a whole other level of airy intricacy…

 We love the pairing of gypsophilia (or Baby’s Breath) with the delicate lace in that last shot. If you can’t get your hands on white willow or cotton, an abundance of this well-known flower works just beautifully to create that soft white look too, especially for a boudoir shoot.

Finally, how to embrace the soft white of cotton into your stationery? Two ways: if you’re keen to maintain the crisp edges of your invites, then try adding a layer of vellum (we love this look!). This chic semi-transparent layer blurs crisp text, allowing guests to reveal the invitation from behind a veil of frosted paper. If that’s not quite rustic/boho enough for you, consider incorporating delicately torn edges to your stationery suite. Using thicker, textured card, this organic look really mutes the crispness of white stationery, again echoing the soft whites trend.

Soft whites, what do you guys think?

Are you more of a crisp, clean cut white fan? Or does this more natural, muted texture appeal to you?

Let us know in the comments below, and do excuse me while I go and pull on my soft white sweater, and snuggle up in a white faux fur blanket while sipping a pillowy marshmallow topped mug of cocoa… Hmmm so snowy and cosy!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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