13Welcome to a beautiful morning lovely people!

I dunno about where you guys are, but I’m sat with the morning light streaming through the window and it is just gorgeous! You know what other source of light is utterly gorgeous? (Cue tedious link!) …Neon light!

Yes, that’s right, today I’m gonna be taking a super biased standpoint on the awesomeness of neon lights as a focal point for your wedding, and yes, that’s us below, absolutely loving the custom neon sign at our wedding venue, The Bell in Ticehurst.

But seriously though, when I walked in and saw that neon sign I was like: deal = cinched. We were booking that venue.

J&C 448We just loved it (can you tell?!!)

We loved its message, we loved that warm glow it gave off and we LOVED how rock n’ roll it felt to have that backdrop.

So since I’ve seen such an increase of late in the selection of love-inspired neons amassing on Pinterest, you better believe I was gonna write to you guys about it!

I mean really, what’s not to love?

Do they work in any venue?

Yes. They can rad-up a woodland space, a barn, a repurposed warehouse, a meadow, even a chapel (if they’ll let you!) They just bring that über cool instantly vibe to any space.

What if I don’t wanna buy one, can I hire?

Why, yes you can, my dear! Just go ahead and Google it and you’ll find plenty of UK hire companies, not least Neon Creations.

Now enough of the practicalities, let’s talk gorgeousness!

1218107 9Left: flickr  Right: Peanut Soup Deluxe

It is just ALL about that warm light.

Whether it’s a red tube, or yellow or a classic pink, believe me when I say neon lights give off such a beaut glow. Although it often doesn’t come across in pictures, in reality they take you straight to the warm streets of Miami. Super cool and just an amazing statement piece.

We love these simple, amorous notions. Just the word ‘Together’ or maybe a song lyric, or that beautiful quote (one of my personal favourites, I gotta admit) from the 2006 movie, Candy, with Heath Ledger and Abby Cornish: ‘Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt’.

On that note, you can kinda go one of three ways with this decor trend, in so much as the feeling that your neon sign creates. The first would be a simple, gorgeous note of love, classy yet cool and the perfect backdrop for any portrait of the two of you. The second would be to employ a more philosophical sign, like that movie quote or a poem, it’s thought inducing and makes a real statement, I mean why not?! And the third, and perhaps most obvious, route you could take with your neon sign? PARTY inducing!

25232…Because hellooo? It’s Presley, who doesn’t want a bit of that in their lives?!

Of course, neon signs don’t have to be that classic orange shade, oh no!

We are just LOVING the abundance of fresh white lights appearing on the scene. They’re wedding perfect, feel a little more minimal in style and would work beautifully alongside any existing colour scheme you’ve got going on.

Whether you choose a handwritten, scrawled font (we LOVE) or a typewriter style serif font (we LOVE), white neon lights are a super classy addition to any wedding reception, or ceremony for that matter, and if you wanna make them even more subtle, white on white is the key: add your sign to a plain white wall for ultimate play-it-down neon.

63 5Left: They All Hate Us  Right: Sequin Harvest 

302717314Come on though, they’re too cool, right?

Of course, if by now you’re 100% sold, and your game, like I mean, really game for this idea you might find yourself wanting to invest in this notion by having your own custom sign created.

Invest is the word here, for sure. For a custom sign, most places start at around £300, but I mean, let’s be real… You’re getting your name in lights, this thing is gonna become a freakin’ heirloom guys, haha! It’s worth every penny!

They make the finest ‘top table’ backdrop, a super rad addition to your reception’s bar or why not let your guests dance the night away beneath your glowing names? And when the wedding’s all said and done, girl you hang that bad boy above you mantle piece and let it bring a smile to your face every darn day!

192612 14Left: Martha Stewart Weddings  Right: Camille Lavie

And so onto our final, more traditional use of the neon: to induce full blown, full power party vibes for your evening reception.

This is a great use of neons, especially if you’re looking to hire them (a considerably thriftier option!) as you can get a little less specific with your choice of light… It’s a party after all, pretty much anything goes!

From a set of pouty lips (so on point, right now), to a pink flamingo or a classic ‘Cocktails’ sign, this happy-go-lucky lighting just screams party.

Your guests will love you for it (and so will I!).

1115 16Left: Kate Spade NY  Right: Camila RD

1820 24Left: Pure Wild Animal Craziness  Right: Deer Circus


It’s just a good idea. Hands down, no quibble, book one now.

Let us know what your thinking! Have you had a custom sign made? If so, where? Are you hiring them? We wanna hear about all your bright ideas (pun totally intended) so drop us a comment below!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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