A winter wedding with a British garden spirit, this shoot explores the beauty of traditional blue denim clothing. It’s absolutely mesmerising, from the relaxed styling of the beautiful red-head bride, to the delicately elegant décor and stationary. The blue and coppery colour blasts, cool vintage retro edge….we can barely cope! It’s a true tribute to blue denim, and I for one am a huge fan of this super-cool fashion staple acknowledgement. All hail hairdresser Claire Baudry as she takes ‘full-fringe’ to a whole new level and makeup artist Jessie Martin for creating such a beautifully natural and bare-skinned look. Imagine if more brides threw casual denims into their wedding day accessories basket….I almost wish I’d slung my 2003 denim jacket over the shoulders on my wedding day! This shoot is enough to make you go giddy for bustling bright florals and denim fabric. The combination is breathtaking….

Captured by La Femme Gribouillage at a gorgeously rugged venue in the French countryside, this shoot, styled by the uber-talented Ambres Blancs, is for the alternative bride who never leaves her denim jacket behind. Here’s photographer La Femme Gribouillage  to give you her take on it’s origin….

Blue Jeans Lovers

by La Femme Gribouillage 

Blue Jeans were the starting point for this shoot. Historically designed for the minors and working class people, blue jeans have become an unconditional piece of wardrobe clothing that’s gone through the changing times. This shoot is for the ‘jean addicted’ bride and groom, with the objection of having a casual and simple French countryside wedding.

English-Inspired French Venue

La Commanderie de Dormelles was fully restored with authentic fabrics, wood, stone and metals. Racine Paris made a multitude of wild bouquets inspired by English-styled gardens and composed with a great diversity of essences and tones producing the most radiant results.


100% Cotton

Handmade stationary, vegetal and metal mix – illustrations were made by Atelier Preszburger and metal chains contrast with delicate indigo flowers. The whole design concept is a reference to the grooms recycled charity shop bandana bowtie! Staying consistent with Blue Jeans, the paper is 100% cotton.

Copper Pipes and Recycled Chair Art

Tableware and linen were provided by La Trésorerie, who’s known for offering beautiful and useful objects with an environmental approach. A simple unattractive wooden chair was transformed by Le Potentiel des Choses with denim blue paint and torn fabrics. Cupsicake made a matching denim themed cake! Simple copper pipes were used for the DIY candles to provide a warming and relaxed atmosphere and empty glass jars were painted copper and used as vases. Lots of natural threads and fabrics were incorporated into the décor alongside natural every day objects.

The Line Up

Event styling & deco : Le Potentiel des Choses
Photography: La Femme Gribouillage 
Florist: Racine Paris
Hair: Claire Baudry 
Makeup: Jessie Martin

Dresses, Bow Tie & Jewellery: Ambres Blancs
Stationery : Atelier Preszburger
Printer: Stern Graveur
Wedding cake: Cupsicake
Gifts (beer): La Min

Tableware & textiles: La Trésorerie
Table legs: TIPTOE 
Venue: La Commanderie de Dormelles
Models: Sam and Clem


Wedding beauty on its way!

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