Well well well my luscious lovelies, have we got a treat for you this morning! This real wedding is absolutely outstanding and can only be described as a dreamy dose of free-spirited wedding heaven. We’re talking barefoot, bohemian draped bride, flower crowns, open-sided marquee, breath taking cliff top views and the most picturesque outdoor ceremony setting. We are so in love with Kaley and Kyle’s wild and free, pretty boho festival-inspired wedding.

The pair married at the stunning River Bend, which is right on the border of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. This is the wild outdoors at it’s finest and couldn’t have been more of a perfect wedding spot for this adventure-loving duo. With the river running right through the venue, macramé dreamcatchers swaying delicately from the trees and a marquee filled with chic floral arrangements, pastel blue candles, elegantly rustic table settings and decor, the couple married in the heart of the great outdoors, surrounded by their most cherished friends and family.

We focused less on wedding traditions and more on what was right for us! We love getting outside to adventure whenever possible so it wasn’t even a question whether we would tie the knot indoors or out.

The superb Anni Graham captured this utterly beautiful masterpiece of a collection, and has the most talented and stunning eye for detail when it comes to accentuating the raw love between this couple. This submission (and I know I’m not really allowed favourites!), is one of my personal faves (eeek!) to feature on the blog this Autumn. It’s free, it’s festival, it’s organic… it’s everything and more. And, it features Luna – possibly the most adorable wedding pooch of all time.

Here’s brunette beauty Kaley to share more about her idyllic and hopelessly romantic union to Kyle in the Colorado mountains….

Magical Venue, Chandeliers Hung From Trees and Beautiful Meandering River

The River Bend was the only venue we needed to visit! Everything about it was magical — the huge cliff backdrop, lush green trees with chandeliers and lights strung throughout, and a beautiful river that ran through the entire venue.

First Look, Intimate Vow Exchange and Breath Taking Views

The morning of our wedding we exchanged our vows in written letters. Instead of saying them out loud for everyone to hear, we kept these sweet promises between the two of us. In all honesty, we both knew we wouldn’t be able to say our vows out loud without becoming super emotional. Unpredictable emotions were our reason for doing a first look too!

I hiked up a mountain with my photographer Anni Graham, and found a cute area that overlooked Lilly Lake in Estes Park. I hid behind a tree while Kyle made his way to me. My heart raced as I walked up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. He turned to me and instantly wrapped me in his arms. Our anxieties melted away and we were able to let loose and enjoy every moment. We continued up the mountain and found the most breath taking spot to take photos. We were truly on top of the world!

Beaded, Elegantly Laced Rue De Seine Gown

The Rue De Seine “Florence” gown stole my heart the moment I put it on. The elegant lace and intricate bead work were exactly what I envisioned. Unfortunately, it was way over my budget so I walked out of the bridal boutique empty handed. Days later, Luna, our dog severely injured her knee and needed surgery, followed by rehab. It seemed like my dream dress was so far out of reach. To this day, I have no idea what prompted me to type the designer and gown into a google search but I am so happy I did. I came across a resale site for wedding gowns called Still White. There it was – my dream gown! Wait, it gets better! It fit me perfectly in every single way… not a single alteration was necessary. Maybe it was luck but I like to think it was meant to be mine!

Barefoot Bride, Bold Flower Crowns and Guest Doggy!

I ran around barefoot because I’m not a high heel kinda girl and traded in a veil for a flower crown. Even our pup, Luna, wore a flower crown and totally stole the show! She is our most prized possession so of course she had to be a part of the day!

Fun, Games and Camp Fire with S’mores

We incorporated things we love to do on our wedding day – we hiked, played yard games, sat around a fire and made S’mores. Everything about our big day reflected us….

Sweet Treats from the Ice Cream Truck

Neither of us are big fans of cake so we chose to ditch it and do ice cream instead. Our favourite ice cream parlour, Sweet Cow, rolled up to our venue in their ice cream truck and scooped ice cream for all of our guests. To say our guests were excited about this sweet treat would be an understatement.

Memorable Moment at the Clifftop Overlooking Family and Friends

My most memorable moment was hiking to the top of our venue during the reception. (Yes, we hiked twice on our big day!). Kyle took me by the hand and carefully led the way – through patches of sharp cacti and over large boulders. At the top of the cliff, we made time to sit back and take everything in. I was truly overwhelmed with love as we looked down at all of our most favourite people in the world laughing, hugging and dancing together. I can still feel the cool breeze as the sun was setting, smell the campfire and hear the river run below us. We kissed, talked and laughed on top of a mountain. Kyle even joked that “one wrong step and we would have the shortest marriage in history.” I’m so thankful we took the time to get away and really absorb everything about our day together.

Any Advice?

Remember that things don’t always go as planned. Don’t panic! Be flexible and trust that everything will fall into place! After booking our venue I was informed that a triathlon would be taking place on our wedding day. Being a tiny mountain town, hotels in the area were unable to accommodate us and roads would be blocked off making it nearly impossible to even get to the venue! Shortly after resorting to “Plan B,” I realised that despite the obstacles that occur while planning – when it is all said and done, you still get to marry your soulmate.

The Line Up

Photography: Anni Graham
Venue: River Bend, Lyons, CO
Event design and florals: Bella lu Floral
Bride’s Dress: Rue De Seine
Bride’s Shoes: Etsy
Hair Stylist: Alyx Denby
Ice Cream Truck: Sweet Cow Ice Cream Truck
Event Co-ordinator: Organically You Events


Wedding beauty on its way!

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