d6Oh HELLO, daisies!

What a fabulously bright Spring start to today’s post, hey?! So priddy!

We’re bringing you our April Pinterest round up today honeys and my-oh-my are you gonna be inspired! We’ve been looking at some more unusual sources for our wedding inspiration this month, from iconic brides, recent and past, to some beautifully toned and textured photography for colour scheme inspiration! Not to mention some SUPER cute daisy flower ideas and a few GORGEOUS cover-up options for our current Spring brides, ’cause hey, it’s Britain!

Let’s kick things off with some of our favourite icons, and their weddings…

Iconic Weddings

So these brides are pretty cool. I mean, they’ve got enough money and enough sass to do whatever the heck they want with their weddings… So, naturally, they’re all kinds of inspiring!

From Blake lively’s super pretty boho beach wedding, a dainty floral crown atop Ms Knightley’s head worn with THAT Chanel dress to the *ridiculously* cool Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg back in the seventies.

We heart them all, in their own creative and original ways, most of all because they did it their way, and you know we love a free-spirited (and slightly wild!) bride!

i4i3i5i1i6 7Left: Thereformation  Right: Tea Time at Winter Palace

i2i8Umm, how ahead of the game was Priscilla with that double lined cat-eye?!

And the neckline on her dress? Swoon.

And the look in Presley’s eyes? Swoon even harder!

Fresh as a Daisy

Bringing it back to 2015, and indeed to right now, one flower is just *screaming* our names for Spring / Summer brides: the humble daisy.

Super pretty, super delicate, yet bright, playful and (let’s be real here) inexpensive!

I ask you: what’s not to love?!

Whether it’s a spring time bouquet, or meadow-perfect table decor, these beautiful little rays of sunshine look hella cute and have a certain childhood nostalgia that we just adore. They’d make amazing bridesmaid bouquets, all bundled up with a little frayed brown string and just wait ’til you see the oversized versions… They’d make a gorgeous statement in a bridal bouquet.

d7d4d5d1 3Left: Burnetts Boards  Right: La Marie

d2Love love LOVE the mixed size daisies. Aren’t they just so striking?

And hello? They’re hippie bride perfection.

Flower to the power!

Cover Up Cool

This next trend is a last minute saviour for all you brides getting married over the next couple of months, especially those boho brides with an outdoor venue (girl, high five me!)

Now, I was super lucky, our September wedding was warm and without rain, but that’s not always the case, it’s a risk we take here in the UK (a risk, that FYI is TOTALLY worth it!).

With that in mind, it’s always good to have a little cover up number to fall back on, just incase a little Spring chill remains in the air and well ladies, the cover ups for 2015 brides could not be any cooler.

We’re seeing crisp white ‘duster’ style jackets (defined as: a woman’s loose, lightweight full-length coat without buttons, of a style originally worn in the 1920s when travelling in an open car… a.k.a. SUPER CHIC), statement wool jackets, hell even a heavily embellished white biker jacket. Like I said, all kinds of cool.


c1c2c6c4c3c5YAASSSS. The higher powers are even throwing in a little pale grey faux fur… Because hey, why not?!

It’s time to stop thinking of the cover-up as a burden, a shamed garment worn only when absolutely necessary in such unfortunate cooler weather… The cover-up doesn’t just add an extra layer, it adds extra chic and a whole load of extra sass!

Faded Brilliance

Next up, these shots were just too good not to share.

So, you’re engaged, you guys have found THE perfect venue (yay) and your next step? Your next step is to dream up that fabulous, yet at times rather elusive, colour palette.

It’s at this point that we come in! I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say this: don’t go for a single colour.

Eeek, controversial, I know!

Here’s my thinking:

one: choosing a single colour, aesthetically speaking, isn’t always the best option. Scrap that, more often that not it isn’t the best option. Look for a colours that compliment or contrast, they’ll bounce off each other or harmonise to create much more unity and fluidity throughout the styling of you day.

two: more colour = more options. So, you scheme is white, mint and a slate grey (nice, very nice, girl!) and you’ll be damned if you can find a napkin you love in mint green… But oh wait, they do make them in slate grey (and if that fails, there’s always white!) …Gettin’ my drift here?

And for 2015 weddings, we are just head over heels for faded brights. What do I mean by this? I mean the colour and texture of the scheme appears as though the object was once a bright colour, and has faded and weathered, kinda reminiscent of some of our Desert Wanderer inspiration!

Check out how beautiful these lilting, tonal variations are…

f1f2f5 6Left: Chic Cham  Right: John Finger

f4f3Now, if colour matching doesn’t come naturally to you, have no fear lovelies, I got your back.

You can do one of two things:

one: pick a core colour, let’s say duck egg blue, just for fun. Now simply head over to Pinterest and search ‘duck egg blue colour scheme’ and welcome to a world of pre-made colour schemes! (Yes, it’s that easy!)

Alternatively, two: I absolutely adore this website, Adobe Kuler, for creating colour schemes… Go play!

The Intimacies

Last, my goodness, most certainly not least! Pinterest is awash with photography like this: sweet, intimate moments between man and wife.

No I’m not talking the kiss, although it may include a bit of that, granted! I’m talking candid shots, a gently placed hand bearing a new wedding ring on a groom’s shoulder, an excited ‘we got married’ cuddle that’s so good he lifts you off the ground, laughing so hard at each other in a moment of utter bliss, or running down to your getaway car at the end of the day.

These supremely gorgeous moments, caught on camera, are those shots that will resound with your memories for a lifetime.

Man alive, I’m making myself tear up here!

Just look:

p1p5p6p4p7p2p3Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about.

Wedding photography at it’s best. Capturing the love, bliss and excitement of your wedding day.

April, you’ve been good to us!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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