We have the most beautiful couple shoot to share with you today, brought to us by the ever-so creative and adventurous Loretta and Pamela of Heirlume Photography. The LA-based pair had the idea of creating a nude styled shoot, set within a natural environment to compliment the beauty and rawness of the human body.

The photographers let love do the talking when they picked their perfect pair Burt and Anna, as they allowed the couple (by the way, not married or even engaged, just in love!) to inspire them to pitch their perfect angles and positions as they embraced each others naked skin. I just love the way these two connect when they embrace; so real that you can almost feel the touch on your own skin.

Burt and Anna were so open to this shoot which you can fully absorb from the photography; their organic and relaxed stances suggest that they are the only people present. The connection between the two of them is so free-flowing and totally undeniable as two-become-one out in the secluded countryside. And not only were they open to stripping down for the shoot, but they embraced the wet Los Angeles weather and made the most of the pouring rain on the day too. The raindrops on their skin make a great addition to the natural vibe of the collaboration.

To all of our carefree, wild and daring brides – this one’s for you!

Wild, adventurous and Free-Spirited Love

Words by Loretta and Pamela of Heirlume Photography 

This shoot was actually a collaboration between us and the couple. Burt and Anna are a couple (dating not engaged or married) who are also both creatives. We just knew when we were interested in finding someone to shoot nude that they would be the first people we would ask!

The inspiration behind the shoot was to focus on the beauty of human connection when stripped down to the naked body. We love shooting love and wanted to strip it down to it’s natural state. When thinking of a location we wanted the emphasis of nature to really sell the idea of a natural human connection. Burt and Anna are in love and their connection inspired us when shooting and finding interesting body connections.

The Line Up

Photography: Loretta and Pam from Heirlume Photography
Models: Burt and Anna



Wedding beauty on its way!

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