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Morning one and all!

We’ve made it to the hump day and as it’s been a little greyer this week and the sun seems to have elusively retreated back into to hiding, I thought I’d share something a little bit sparkly with you all to lighten your day and take your imagination to higher places. I guess today I want to create something of a mood board for you. This trend is so fresh, I had to really hunt these images down, but I hope it leaves you a starry-eyed dreamer; let’s talk about the Astrology trend. A little bit quirky, a whole lot cool, some of boho’s major high-end labels are all about the moon and stars this season and, whether it be a sweet crescent moon, or you and your partner’s star signs, I’m gonna introduce you to the many ways you could embrace this trend for your wedding. As always, if Erin Wasson loves it, it must be worth a closer look…

Erin Wason Moon

Image credit: Free People

So, where the hell did the idea for this post spring from? None other than the incredible Alexander McQueen. Whilst scouring the internet for images to share with our instagram followers, I stumbled upon this dress, from McQueen’s Fall 2014 collection. Isn’t it incredible?! I sat and gazed for a while, appreciating the ethereal nature of the gown, the beautifully soft, sheer fabric, its bohemian shape… then when I suddenly realised what I was looking at: dramatic crescent moon and bursting sun cut outs, that was it; I simply had to research this celestial trend further!

Dress1 Dress 2

Image credits: Top, theLANE  Bottom, Enjoy the Kiss

Now, if you can’t quite bring yourself to buy a McQueen, the great thing about this trend is that it can easily be embodied in your accessories, as the jewellery world has thrown itself whole heartedly into this look for 2014. Whether you choose a delicate head chain to delicately litter your gorgeous locks with tiny stars, or the ever popular crescent moon chain, there are an abundance of styles to be considered. My personal favourite is the Nomadic Sun head piece by Zoemou, atop a centre parting and a dishevelled updo it really creates a perfectly mystical, boho vibe; perfect for a woodland wedding.

Crescent Moon Necklace

Image credit: Meira Boutique

Star Crown

Image credit: Twig and Sparrow via Etsy

Sunburst Cuff

Image credit: Wasted Effort via Etsy

The Rosemary Harness (pentagram)

Image credit: Wasted Effort via Etsy

FP Rising Moon Cuff 1 copy

Image credit: Rising Moon Cuff by Free People

Zoemou Nomadic Sun Head piece

Image credit: Zoemou

The bursting sun, a hanging pentagram, the rising moon; the possibilities with these ancient outlines are incredible and really do make for striking pieces for your bridal look. This trend remains so fresh (and maybe a little daring) that adorning yourself with shapes from the heavens is a seriously unique choice, but sits perfectly inline with a festival-inspired outdoor wedding. If you’d rather make your nod to this trend a little more subtle, consider the stones in the jewellery you choose. Here at Festival Brides, we love an unconventional ring (as you may know!) and whether you go for this little moonstone number for your right hand, or a band with you and your partner’s birthstones, you’re ticking the boho ring category big time!

Moonstone Deco Ring Birthstone band

Image credits: Top, Datter via Etsy  Bottom, Wedding Ideas

Totally beaut, right? Now, I can hear a couple of you saying: ‘Dang it, Clare! I already sorted my jewellery, how do I wear this look?’ Let me tell you. If we employ another little craze that’s happening right now – the temporary tattoo – you guys can easily don a sweet little crescent moon on your wedding day without adding further sparkle. Check out the ace placements below and the last image for a transfer source. I love a temporary tattoo; artwork that matches your outfit everyday? Er, hell yeah!

Moon tatt 2

Image credit: Pretty Little Tattoos

Moon Tatt 1

Image credit: Tattoo Bite

Moon temporary tatt

Image credit: Tattify via Etsy

Uh-mazing. I cannot get enough of that crescent moon silhouette right now. Another cute way to incorporate this theme? How about a sweet, personalised zodiac gift for your bridesmaids? Nothing says ‘festival wedding’ more than a boho little friendship bracelet. I made one for myself and my husband on our wedding day, using red embroidery thread and 2 tiny glass evil eye charms, and I can firmly say they’re two of my most treasured items! A great dose of hippie cool and a sweet little matching embellishment for your bridesmaids, take a look at my favourite picks below.

UO Starsign bracelet 2 UO Starsign bracelet 1

Image credit: Star sign bracelet by Urban Outfitters

Bridesmaid Moon gift 2 Bridesmaid Moon gift

Image credit: Luna Phase Silk bracelet by Gemagenta via Etsy

Nothing says ‘thank you; we love you’ like a personalised gift, hey? Love it and this next product would work in both a gift capacity as well as a totally rad table name: the embroidery hoop. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m head over heels for these little beauties at the moment. Etsy is littered with hoops embroidered with clever phrases and sweet geometric designs and when I came across Miniature Rhino’s designs, I’m not gonna lie, I let out a little squeal of excitement. Whether you gift them to your bridal party as a super cool keepsake, or use them to beautifully identify your tables (think corresponding escort cards with join-the-dots constellation formations) these little hoops are rad. But seriously, I may just have to buy a couple.

Embroidery Hoop1 Embroidery Hoop 2

Image credits: Miniature Rhino via Etsy

So, let’s chat about how else you could employ the symbols of the Zodiac to adorn your wedding reception. First up; gemstones and I’m a huge fan. Raw amethyst, amber, turquoise… they’re all just so rich in colour and texture, I can’t get enough. What prettier way to decorate a central wooden beam running down long tables, than to litter it with rough cut gemstones? Amid mini succulents and coloured vintage glass, they’re striking and produce that subtle boho-style sparkle we all crave. Not only that, they make the sweetest paper weights out there; so print a simple little escort card and pop a gemstone on top for an easy, but oh-my-gosh-so-rad seating plan.

Gem Stone Table decor 2 Gem Stone Table decor 1

Birthstone escorts 2

Image credits: Ruffled Blog

Gia Canali Photography

Image credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

But don’t stop there, oh no! Why not top your cupcakes with crushed rock sweets to create that gemstone look? Or have an elegantly turquoise-iced cake littered with gold leaf as a gentle nod to the moon and stars. Vibrant, fun and beautiful; I’m head over heels for these sweet delights!

Gemstone Cupcakes

Image credit: Swooned Magazine

Moon and Stars Cake 2 Moon and Stars Cake

Image credits: Ruffled Blog

Just incredible. What’s more, it’s so easy to get your hands on this trend and there’s something so elegant about the delicate lines of the constellations, or a faded watercolour of the moon. Adorn your linen, your cake topper, scatter your tables with sweet little star finders; however you do it, it’ll be a fantastic talking point and a brilliantly unique theme to your outdoor wedding.


Image credit: Star finder by Funktapus Designs via Etsy

Constellation Runner

Image credit: Colourful Way

Cake topper

Image credit: First Snowfall via Etsy

constellation napkins

Image credit: Constellation napkins by Anthropologie

Insanely good, aren’t they? And there’s just such a multitude of ways that you could feature this concept. Of course, if you’re thinking you might go for this trend, one mustn’t forget the all important stationary you’re gonna need. We want to hint at the celestial nature of your celebration with simple, subtle designs; no cheesy Milky Way puns, just a sweet constellation or a beautifully vintage looking map of the Heavens.

Map of the Heavens Invite

Image credit: Blue and Theory

Written in the Stars Invite

Image credit: Designs by Chelsea via Etsy

Wax seal Pisces Wax seal Capricorn

Image credits: Top, Pisces stamp  Bottom, Capricorn stamp both by Back to Zero via Etsy

Moon Stamp

Image credit: Native Bear via Etsy

We love that custom made return address moon stamp by Native Bear; a great touch and reusable for years to come! Well, here’s hoping I’ve inspired you to set your eyes to the night sky and raise your dreams to the heavens for your wedding day. A festival bride is the perfect girl to know how to don this astrological look with ease and grace, so all that remains is for me to wish you and your wedding guests a perfect reception, filled with big dreams and plenty of romantic star gazing.

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Much love my favourites,

Clare xo


Wedding beauty on its way!

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