Your first dance as a married couple is always a special moment, not only for you, but your wedding guests too.

The song you choose should reflect you as a couple and the love you have for each other.

Whether its upbeat, slow, rocky or quirky as long as it illustrates the above it will be perfect.

Festival Brides are running a new Monday Feature called Independent Love Song featuring alternative first dance love songs that we think rock! Please share with us your first dance, why you chose it and how it rocked your wedding!

This first song is actually what inspired me to run this feature! It came on the radio last night while I was driving home after a yummy sunday roast at my parents house. After singing along (or screaming) to my hearts content I thought what an awesome alternative song to have as your first dance.

It is of course Independent Love Song by Scarlet

I love this song, its sung beautifully and couldn’t illustrate more perfectly how here at Festival Brides we do LOVE in a different way. Plus the song packs a punch! I think its a perfect example of an alternative love song for your first dance – Bob and I might even choose it ourselves!

So pump up the volume and get ready to sing!!


Wedding beauty on its way!

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