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So this weekend Bob and I finally finished watching Breaking Bad after what can only be described as an EPIC fifth series! It was so good…….so so so so good. If you haven’t watched it yet then trust me on this – grab yourself the box set and prepare to be blown away. It is genius telly.

Like most people who have also finished the series, we are now looking for the next best thing to fill this huge hole that Breaking Bad has left us with. We’ve been told The Shield is good so going to give that a go but I just have a feeling that nothings going to quite match up to Walter White – we shall see!

As I’m still revelling in the aftermath of such an excellent last episode, I had to share this awesome ‘Breaking Bad’ inspired Trash the Dress and Suit shoot with you.

Meg and Ben are from Upstate New York and came to Vegas for their destination wedding on Sept 28th 2013. A couple of days after their big day they set off for Mojave Desert, just north of Las Vegas, for a fun Trash the Dress session with wedding photographer Rachel Garcia of Brilliant Imagery. As they really love Breaking Bad, they decided to base some of their imagery on the shows concept as well as having a colour fight with Holi powder at the end!

I love this shoot. Meg and Ben’s personalities really shine through and the setting is gorgeous. In their own words the Trash the Dress Shoot was the perfect ending to a perfect week of wedding celebrations (plus they both got to wear their wedding refinery again!)

Over to Meg….


How did you meet?

Ben & I met in November 2009. He was in the Navy, stationed 1200 miles from his home in Iowa, and couldn’t get home for the Thanksgiving holiday, so my cousin invited him along to our family’s dinner. Little did he know that we would be set up on the most awkward blind date in history! We were being watched by all my family the whole day! Thankfully we liked each other enough to go on a REAL first date two days later, which lasted nine hours because we just couldn’t stop talking.

So even though he lived in Upstate NY and I lived in Boston, we started dating. |Travelling 200 miles almost every weekend to see each other. We did that for two years until I moved to New York to be with him, and a year later, he proposed on vacation in Las Vegas.

Meg-and-Ben1 Meg-and-Ben2 Meg-and-Ben3


A Las Vegas Wedding

Since we were in Las Vegas, we immediately started joking about getting married there, but Ben never thought I’d actually go through with it (he figured I’d want to get married in New York). Imagine his surprise when I started looking for venues in Las Vegas the day after we got engaged! Our family is spread out all over the country – we sent invitations to 14 different states so it didn’t seem fair to me to make everybody come to New York. I wanted a place that was equally inconvenient for everyone, and Las Vegas was that place!  (Plus, the weather is MUCH better than Upstate New York, and there’s a lot more to do!)

A Breaking Bad Finale

I knew right away that we wanted to invest in photography, since it’s the only tangible way to keep this amazing day with you forever, so I started looking for a photographer before we even chose a venue. As soon as I started e-mailing with Rachel, I knew she was the one. I booked with her, and the package included a Trash the Dress session and one night, as we were watching “Breaking Bad,” Ben mentioned how cool the scenery was and I thought about the session.  We jokingly mentioned the idea to Rachel, who was immediately on board!

We got married on Saturday, Sunday was the “Breaking Bad” series finale, then Monday we headed out to the desert for our Trash the Dress shoot … so we knew that our pictures would be “dated” even before we got them, but we don’t regret it at all. Ben says that the day in the desert with Rachel was one of his favorite parts of an amazing week long wedding-vacation, and I couldn’t agree more. Our house is now filled with photos of not only our incredible wedding day, but also our ridiculous antics a few days later. We are so grateful that Rachel included that option as a way to forever showcase our silly personalities.

Meg-and-Ben5 Meg-and-Ben6 Meg-and-Ben7 Meg-and-Ben8

Thank you so much to Meg, Ben and Rachel for sharing this awesome shoot with us. Such a great way of ending your wedding celebrations and it looks like it was a hell of a lotta fun!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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