Welcome to Lulabelles, the award winning camperlicious catering company. We love her story!!!

‘One fine day, in Yorkshire, she bumped into a lovely lady called Cathy, who saw how pretty she was and fell in love with her at once! Cathy gave Lulabelle a complete makeover and nursed her back to health, during which time they became the best of friends. After discovering a mutual love of cupcakes and all things yummy, Cathy and Lulabelle hatched the plan to tour the countryside together having adventures, feeding hungry tummies and making friends’

We just think that Lulabelle and Cathy would be the perfect guests at a festival wedding..hen party or birthday.

Lulabelle offers vintage tea parties with a difference. Providing everything you need for an elegant afternoon tea for up to 24 guests – Beautiful vintage china, teapots, sugar tongs, cake stands and silver cutlery set the scene for delicious homemade food, sumptuous sticky cakes and delicate pastries.

We would love to have a campervan as pretty and delicious as Lulabelle one day!!!!

Get in touch with Lulabelle on 01423 565368 or email yummy@lulabelles.biz to discuss your requirements.www.lulabelles.biz

All images via www.lulabelles.biz


Wedding beauty on its way!

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