I have been so excited about sharing this awesome alternative first dance love song with you under Independent Love Song. So excited in fact that I forgot to make this post live yesterday! What can I say………..baby brain strikes again!

This song is just too good to wait until next week so, lovely people, instead of a Monday for one week and one week only we are moving Independent Love Song to Tuesday!

The Burning Hell is a Canadian band founded by lead vocalist and ukulele player Mathias Kom. Their music, which always tells a story is playful, fun, clever and indicative with a clear message – life is for living, not for dreaming.

Wallflowers is an engaging and reflective love song about a shy artist who is admiring his love from a far. The lyrics are brilliant and coupled with the bands indie folk musicality, make an original and alternative first dance love song.

There’s something wrong with my hands 
Oh yes, they’re not holding you 
They should be enfolding you like a mother’s pouch 
Around a baby kangaroo 
That sparkle in your eye 
Shines like a shiny diamond 
In a shiny diamond ring 
And like a crow, don’t you know, 
I’m helpless around shiny things 

Below is an acoustic version of the song but the sound quality isn’t great so if you would like to listen to Wallflowers in all it’s musical glory then please click here.

Enjoy lovely people – this song is a keeper!

Told you it was good!

If you would like to read more about The Burning Hell, especially when they are touring Blighty, then check out their website.

Happy Tuesday.

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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