Picture the scene………..it’s a Friday night at Glastonbury 2010, the sun had been shining all day and the atmosphere is buzzing as everyone around is so excited to be there! Excited about the bands they’ve already seen and the bands they are yet to see.

Bob, I and friends have a huge smile on our faces and not just because we’d been drinking cider all day! We can’t stop smiling because we’d already had an amazing first day at Glastonbury and now The Flaming Lips were playing on the Other Stage!

After an amazing set (if you’ve seen them live you’ll know what I’m talking about – opening with crowd surfing in a plastic ball and finishing with streamers and confetti) the crowd is pumped!

Then Wayne Coyne tells everyone to put their arms around the people either side of you and sing this song. It’s their closing track and it couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it!

Do You Realize is a song about LIVING and LOVING everyday like it’s your last and I say amen to that!

I love the message it sends and it’s for that reason I think it makes a great first dance love song, as no matter what’s going on around you, as long as you realize you have and love each other, life is pretty sweet!

This is not a very exciting video but it’s the best one I can find where you can actually hear the song as it would play at your wedding.

The Glastonbury performance is on you tube so take a look!

Enjoy x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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