Happy Monday Peeps……………..welcome to October!

Can you believe Christmas is creeping up the rear already!? I went into town on Saturday and there were signs of Christmas everywhere – it’s like I woke up to an explosion of Christmas cards and music! Please can we slow down………I’m still morning the Summer we never had and I’m not ready to move on!

Today’s Independent Love Song is dedicated to the legend that is Andy Williams who sadly passed away to cancer last week. Despite being diagnosed over a year ago, he still continued to perform 2 shows a day, six days a week, over a 9 month period at his Moon River Theatre – the man was amazing!

Andy Williams was the voice behind many timeless classic love songs including Moon River, Can’t Take My Eyes off of You  (love that song!) and the amazing Love Story but it is today’s alternative first dance love song that is my absolute favourite.

Speak Softly Love is part of the soundtrack to The Godfather which just adds to the kudos of what is an already beautiful love song. If you’ve not heard this song before then just pause for a second and allow Andy Williams to take you to another place for the next 3 minutes…….

This song would make a very romantic choice as your first dance love song.

Enjoy x

Big Love

Festival Brides x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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