G4Oh heyyyy lovers!

I am SO excited to be dropping this post this morning! We are making room for the groom, and it’s gonna be epic!

All too often in the wedding world, grooms and their attire is played down and more often that not the priority falls with the bride’s outfit…

Whelp! Not today honeys! We have scoured the fashion + wedding world to bring you the hottest groom looks and trends for this Spirng / Summer and OMGSH, you’re gonna swoon! Not least, because some of these models are serious hotties!

We’re gonna look at on-trend male portraits, colour trends and all the finer details of a groom’s look… In short, we’re gonna take it from average, to next level!

So call your fiancé, email this link to the best man and get ready for one utterly gorgeous groom!

Warning: this post is kinda image heavy, but I figured you gals would wanna see all the goods, as there isn’t so much readily available groom inspo out there, plus I just couldn’t choose what to show y’all, they’re it’s all too gorge!

Black + White Portraits

We’re gonna start today by stating the obvious: black and white is cool.

Always has been, always will be. Period.

And with that in mind, it’s no wonder the hottest male portrait shots around right now are monochrome.

Hella cool, with a tint of moodiness and a whole load of classic, getting your groom shot in black and white is the raddest move you and your photographer will make this year.

‘Cause guy portraits rule, and no more so than when in black and white.

B1B2 4Left: Where is the Cool  Right: The Gifts of Life

B3B5B6B7B8 9Left: Green Wedding Shoes  Right: Fashionable Lej

I mean, they’re phone background worthy, no?!

So much character, oh SO suave and they just kinda feel like they’re gonna go down in history, know what I mean?


Detailed Focus

Ok, so guys in the know are ALL about those details right now.

Be it a silk cravat, rope braces, a statement pocket square, a pipe or just a seriously rad pair of suede desert boots… The details of your groom’s (and his groomsmen’s) attire are SO important. They’re the additions that really sign his outfit off to the next level.

Plus, right now? Guys accessories are SUPER in, so really go for it! Bowtie, hat, brogues… The lot!

D1D2D3D6O10D8D9 14Left: Ty French  Right: Classy Handsomes

D10D21D11D13D17D16We just love that dudes accessories are getting some air time!

Why not have your photographer take a flatlay style shot taken of his shoes, tie, watch and (who knows?!) hip flask… It’s those little details that make for really rad ‘getting ready’ shots for both sides of the bridal party!

Side note: it’s worth noting that sometimes the detail can actually be the absence of an accessory, like the bare ankles of the gents above, or the absence of a tie. If it’s an original and unconventional detail, be that an addition or a missing element, it’s pretty on-point for 2015!

Sharp + Bearded

So, unless you’ve had your head under a rock for a while now, you’ll know that beards are ALL kinds of a big deal right now and, let me tell you, they’re not about to go anywhere anytime soon! (High ten emojis to all my bearded bros, you know who you are!)

Grooming; be that a super sharp cut, a cut throat shave or a beautifully conditioned beard is of paramount, wait no — PARAMOUNT importance!

With the uprise of some seriously rad barbers cropping up all over the UK, wouldn’t it be a sweet idea to get your man booked in for a pre-wedding groom sesh?

‘Cause, as much as he might deny it, I’d bet a lot of money he’s gonna LOVE getting treated and looking fresh as for your wedding day.

G1G2 11G10G3 5Left: ffffound  Right: Viking Posts  G8G6 7Left: A Magazine Blog UK  Right: Style Me Pretty


It really is SO essential. Nothing screams ‘beautifully kept man’ more than a sick haircut and well-maintained facial hair. It’s art.

Do it. Book it this instant.

Off-Beat Fabric

Ahhh, we ADORE this trend.

So the story goes: when Laura and I went and paid ASOS a visit for their Class of 2015 occasion wear event, we were completely enamoured by the array of coloured suits, from faded pastels right through to deep burgundy and navy.

True to form, ASOS couldn’t have been more on point with their menswear collection and statement suits are ALL over Pinterest right now and, frankly?! We think they’re hot hot hot for 2015 grooms.

Not convinced? Get an eye full of these guys…

O1O2 9Left: Tina Diggs It  Right: Maxton Men

O5O4 7Left: Kolonel Mustard  Right: Mr QQS

O6O8 14Left: TQS Magazine  Right: That Gentleman 

O11http://www.rossharvey.comO13…You’re in love though, right?!

We think it’s time grooms were making as much of a statement as their brides, and these suits are certainly achieving that! Chambray, emerald, baby blue… Literally anything goes, anything suits and everything looks rad!

There’s simply one rule: pair coloured suits with white or single colour shirts. Everyone loves a pop of colour, but you wanna play it cool, guys!

Tux Luxe

Oh. My.

Prepare yourself for the hotness, ’cause these guys are bringing back the tux in a whole new, effortlessly cool way!

Tux? Check.

Wayfarers? Check.

Tousled hair? Oh hot damn, check.

Bare ankles? Yeah, we digg that, check.

A smile that’ll make you weak at the knees? Oh no he didn’t! Swoon!


T4T3 6Left: You Broke the Internet  Right: One to Wed

T5T1 2Left: Foto Matt  Right: Brides Magazine 

T7T8T9Come on!

And if you’re worried that your man might look a little over dressed for that woodland/meadow venue you’ve gone for, don’t be! We love the concept of a super glamorous bridal party and guests, sipping on Champagne and dancing the night away in a woodland glade; it’s boho luxe, darling!

Now, I’ll leave you to your daydreams! Haha!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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