We love rugs!! And we can see its been a bit of a trend throughout this wedding season.. A very versatile piece of decor, a rug can come in very handy for your festival wedding whether it covering up some rough ground in the woodland or to add texture and bohemia to your wedding style.

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Stand on it – Ceremony Rug

A rug looks pretty awesome under your feet, so if you don”t have much space for a ceremony area just lay a lovely rug on the ground. You can add frames hanging from trees or a simple wooden archway behind it.

We really like the cute circular one, doesn’t it just make that picture! Your guests can also sit on large rugs and cushions during the ceremony…

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An aisle of rugs

Rugs will look great laid out on the floor for an aisle. You can search for extra long thin ones on ebay and you may even get a bit of a bargain. Or layer up smaller rugs to create texture and colour on the ground. Cover over with leaves and some straw for a more rustic feel.

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Create a wedding lounge or backdrop

Bring the inside out and create a chill out area of rugs and cushions. Poufs in metallic tones will add a Moroccan vibe to your styling as will some low tables and floor trays. These rugs do not need to match, in fact the more eclectic the better.

A rug can also work as a beautiful backdrop for photos or the ceremony area. Hang your rug from a tree and have some snaps in front of it. The image will have depth, colour and texture. Minimum effort, maximum impact!!

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A Wedding Keepsake – Part of the furniture

The best part about having a rug involved in your decor is you can keep it as a piece of decorative memorabilia. As long as its not waterlogged and covered in mud you can re use the rug inside and make a feature of it in your sitting room or bedroom. We love Moroccan Wedding rugs.. They look beautiful laid at the bottom of your bed. You can buy them in the UK, but they can be pricey!! Any excuse to pop to Morocco for a pre wedding shopping trip!! Do you love the sparkle!!?

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We hope to have inspired you with some rug love… Our woodland bride has bought one for her aisle this weekend so stay tuned for some behind the scenes shots on Twitter/Instagram xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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