We are injecting huge amounts of colour on the blog today with today’s festival inspired wedding shoot, curated and captured by Vicki White Photography and featuring some amazing festival focused suppliers. Suppliers such as body artist Pheobe from Glitter Palace and festival clothing designers Bang Bang Crash.

Vicki wanted to bring the fun of dressing up for a festival to a bridal shoot so called on suppliers from both the wedding and festival industry to create something fun, inspiring and unique. Two shoots were created; the first featuring a bride and groom with a gorgeous macrame ceremony set up and an eclectic table setting and the second featuring three girls, dressed up in full on festival gear and ready to party! Through these two contrasting bridal shoots, Vicki hoped to illustrate the different ways of bringing the festival to your wedding. One which is a more subtle look for the day and the other which is full on festival fun for your evening! Think glitter for you and your guests, vibrant dressing up clothes and elaborate festival inspired head bands.

Vicki talks us through the shoot and all of the fabulous suppliers that made it happen….

Colour, Music Festivals and The Great Outdoors….

My love of colour, music festivals and the great outdoors kick started my passion for this shoot. I wanted to bring the fun of dressing up for a festival and literally cross it over with a bridal shoot. I wanted to create something which really reflected my colourful, creative wedding business and I knew I wanted to work with some awesome and inspiring people to build something that would go on to inspire Brides-to-be to consider something completely different for their wedding day.

I am a MASSIVE advocate for planning the wedding YOU want and doing things the way YOU LOVE, and not following tradition.

Instagram was massive for me in planning this shoot, I came across an incredible body artist – Phoebe via Glitter Palace (an awesome Biodegradable glitter company) and got in touch with her to see if she would be interested in painting something for the festival world to collide with the wedding industry and from their the photo ideas grew bigger and bigger.

Two Shoots In One Day…..

We ended up planning 2 separate shoot ideas in the one day. One which was our awesome Bride and Groom with lots of different bridal looks, each with their own festival twist. The second was a festival fashion focused shoot with three awesome girls covered in glitter and ready to party!

We started with the couple focused shots of our bride and groom in the beautiful setting of the venue gardens. Our bride wore a gorgeous L.O.M Peony Crop top paired with Lace + Blush Bridal Tuelle Skirt and a heap of glitter. They were then surrounded by lots of colourful and festival style decor put together by the florist and stylists who created a MAGICAL ceremony set up around a macrame backdrop under a gorgeous Weeping Willow tree. It was just dreamy. Kate the florist created a pink, yellow and orange tropical themed flower backdrop around the macrame and Styletopia created the magical tablescape with pinks, blues and purples. We just wanted to create something HUGE, with an abundance  of colour and flowers!!!

Body Piant, Festival Clothing and Sparkles….

The aim of our second shoot idea was to inspire brides, who perhaps weren’t daring enough to have a full on festival wedding bridal look, to bring the colour and festivities of a FESTIVAL to their evening reception. It would be like having 2 outfits in one! By day you are this beautiful eccentric but elegant bride and by night you can go all out FESTIVAL with glitter body paint, festival clothing and sparkles!

The Line Up

Photography: Photography By Vicki
Body Artist: Face Painting By Phoebe
Stylist: Styletopia
Florist: Rustic Rose
Dress, Veil & Hair Vine Designer: Lace and Blush Bridal 
Hair: Charlotte Parker Bridal Hair
Make Up Artist: Victoria Abbosh
Cake: The Boho Bakery
Biodegradable Glitter: Glitter Palace 
Handprinted “wifey” Jacket: Elizabeth & Rose London
Brides Dress & Two Piece: Lom Fashion
Grooms Suit: ASOS
Jewellery: Tatty Devine 
Sparkly Pendants: Candy Shock UK 
Headpieces: Shop Twinks Burnett
Paper Flowers: Petal and Bird 
Sequin Catsuit: Burnt Soul 
Tinsel Jackets: Bottle Blonde Studio 
Bright Catsuits & Leggings: Bang Bang Crash 
Sequin Bodies: Jaded LDN; Pretty Little Thing; Boohoo 
Festival Fashion: Wild Thing


Wedding beauty on its way!

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