I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Marty McColgan is the godfather of festival ticket wedding invitations – FACT!

His latest designs for his festival wedding invitation range not only illustrates his talent for recreating new, innovative and exciting designs for each couple, but also highlights his ability to reinvent the standard music ticket layout into something unique and cool time and time again.

Each individual design manages to capture the music festival vibe in a different way and I think that is genius! Whether it’s the sunshine beaming over the crowd, a band rocking out on stage to the masses or the feeling that you are part of a community that’s so far away from the normality of life – Marty has covered everything that I think is great about music festivals. I’m just waiting for a design with people body surfing in the mud…………now that would be something!!

Here are some examples of Marty’s latest designs and his ideas behind them….

 “I have designed this new range to include a rock concert crowd and rock band on stage playing to the crowd, with the sun setting in the background of a large green park. The colours on these wedfest 2013 festival invites can be changed to tie in with any wedding theme colours and also the logo or festival title can be adjusted to fit the wedding theme.”

“Like the other wedding festival ticket invites I have created this design also comes with the perforated tear off RSVP stubs. These are perfect for guests to quickly fill in their details and send back to the soon to be married couples. On the RSVP stubs and also on the reverse of the invites (where I have the main wedding invitation details) I have included the couples names and wedding date on the bar code of the tickets, much like you would see a bar code on the ticket stub of a concert ticket or any event ticket.”

“The festival ticket wedding invitations below are the perfect way to add a bit of festival sparkle to the wedding day and when the guests receive them it really gives them a sense of what kind of day your wedding is going to be. These look amazing printed and like previous ones I designed they are finished with a easily detachable RSVP stub which has been perforated for ease of tearing off by the guests.”

As an event wedding invitation these festival wedding invites can be changed to represent any kind of event, or any kind of wedding ticket invitation such as concert tickets, cinema tickets, travel tickets etc.

These designs in particular are a great idea for music lovers who want to do something unique and creative with their wedding invitations and break from the traditional style of wedding invitations.

If you would like more information on these festival ticket wedding invitations or would like Marty to design you a specific event wedding ticket invitation then please visit his awesome website.

How cool were the invitations with the stage? Love them! I for one would be very excited if I received one of those invitations through my door!

Happy Friday Lovely People,

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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