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You might have seen on the social media grape vine that Festival Brides and The Little Lending Company collaborated on a styled shoot at the beginning of May. A shoot that was inspired at first by the stunning raw beauty of Norfolk wedding venue Fishley Hall, and secondly by the chic simplicity of the white on white wedding trend that is currently sweeping the feeds of pinterest as we speak!

This was the first shoot that I had done since going solo on Festival Brides in 2014 so it was a huge deal for me to get it right. I wanted to create something that was exciting, unique, inspiring and most importantly, reflective of our beautiful Festival pages. As soon as I asked wedding stylist Penny from The Little Lending Company to be involved, everything fell into place. Penny is an absolute dream to work with and an amazing stylist. She suggested the white on white wedding trend and as soon as she did the ideas between us began to flow. Penny contacted some incredible Norfolk based suppliers and started to pull together the decor elements of the shoot whilst I got to work on securing us some amazing dresses, a fabulous photographer and our incredible videographer. The shoot was starting to take shape and it was looking very very good.

We will be sharing the full shoot along with more details on who was involved next week but I couldn’t resist giving you a little teaser by sharing our amazing (and I mean AMAZING) film by Old Bear Films.

For those of you that may not know, Old Bear Films is owned by our very own deputy editor, Clare Pattinson, and her husband Jack. When it came to choosing a videographer for this shoot of course it was going to be them! Old Bear Films is a relatively new company but having worked with both Jack and Clare on various projects for Festival Brides in the past, I just knew they would get exactly what I was hoping for. They are both very talented, have such an eye for detail and work very hard. They are also so easy to work with and just crack on and do their thing. I had no doubt in my mind that if I just left them too it, they would produce something awesome. And they did.

When I watched this film for the first time I was blown away. They took the brief and transformed it into something that is sexy, bohemian, edgy, arty, pretty and so Festival Brides. The track by Chemikal Recipe couldn’t be more perfect (my brief for the music was Zero 7 – I think they nailed it) and the way they have captured all of the elements of the shoot is just beautiful. I especially love the way the shot of the barn roof blurs into our model Chloe, and then into the darkness of one of the stables with just half of her lit. So gorgeous. I also love how they have captured the pretty detail of the ASOS wedding dress, the sexy boudoir vibe of the bodysuit, the edgy attitude of the Free People jumpsuit and stylish elegance of the Otaduy two piece. They have done all of the suppliers proud.

So before I ruin it all for you, here is Old Bear Films’ fabulous video of our white on white shoot with The Little Lending Company. They have also shared their take on the shoot, the brief and how they put together the film.

Make sure you check the blog next week when we will be sharing the shoot in all its glory! I can’t wait!


Old Bear Films…..

When we received the White on White brief we were so stoked! This chic colour way is so on trend right now and we loved the idea of so many subtle details in a single colour theme. Old Bear Films style is all about capturing the moment; creating a film that documents reality, and then conveys it beautifully, so we were so excited to convey all the love that went into this shoot!

That said, a single colour palette could also prove a challenge to film. We wanted to create a film that’d seriously stop people in their tracks and hold them captive for its duration, so we kept three key objectives in mind: dimension, detail and lighting lighting lighting!

We wanted to show how the white on white trend can flex to fit any bride, from the hazy dream-like shots at the video’s opening (what beautiful weather we were blessed with!) through to the darker sultry moment in one of Fishley Hall’s many enchanting barns… White on White isn’t just for the traditional bride, or the super feminine bride, it can adapt to fit an outdoor boho bride, a sultry sassy bride (kudos to Chloe, that pout though!), or a super edgy bride. Anyone can embrace this trend and totally own it and we hope the film showcases that.

The styling and decor team behind this shoot really knew their stuff, layering texture upon texture of white; the lace of the lingerie, a bed of luscious rose petals, tall church candles, sheer fabrics, opaque fabrics, the crisp card of the stationery, that divinely smooth white cake frosting… We focused on the variety of textures, fading from shot to shot to create a layered feel and sense of dimension; to capture the sense of luxe the shoot exuded. Pair that layered effect with a ridiculously smooth (and brand-spanking new) track from the musical genius that is Chemikal Recipe and now we’re really talking luxe!

Finally, in a shoot that focuses on a single colour, for us it was all about the details. We used vertical tilt shots to showcase the entirety of every bridal look; from Chloe’s head to her toe, capturing the looks as a whole and employing horizontal pans to capture every styling element; allowing us to get up close and personal with the beautiful details the team created.

What a dream is was to work on this shoot! An incredible brief created by the stylists, a supremely awesome set of vendors, a model who seriously worked the camera and all in an astoundingly beautiful setting! Thanks so much to everyone involved!

The Line Up

Film: Old Bear Films
Concept & Styling: Festival Brides & The Little Lending Company
Photography: Beth Moseley
Venue: Fishley Hall
Wedding Dress & Bodysuit: ASOS
Two Piece: Otaduy
Jumpsuit: Free People
Florals: Swaffham Florist
Cakes: Buns Of Fun
Stationery: Emma Jo
Hair & Make-Up: Love Moi Make-Up
Wall Paper: Graham and Brown
Model: Chloe Manning
Music: Chemikal Recipe

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Image Credits: White Wedding & White On White


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