We believe corsages can make a beautiful alternative to a wedding bouquet… They are not just for dolled up American prom queens? We say bring back the corsage, but in a cooler less wrapped in ribbon fashion!! Think natural and wild flowers delicately wrapped around your wrist…you can go as large or small with the the arrangement, tie with ribbon or simply tuck into a festival wristband!!

Either chat through your ideas with your florist or commission a designer to make a decorative corsage for you. There are plenty on Etsy or your dress designer may want to accessorise and bring out dress details onto the corsage!! Here are some floral inspirations to get you started…

Source: rodeo.net via Festivalbrides on Pinterest

We just had to share the tattoo image with you.. Flowers don’t last forever, so why not bring out your brave side an have a corsage message tattooed onto your wrist.. It can be a beautiful (but possibly slightly painful) memory of your special day and will always stay with you unlike your dried bouquet!!

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Wedding beauty on its way!

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