One of the things I love the most about writing Festival Brides is finding cool and quirky wedding suppliers that I just know you guys are going to love. Suppliers that offer something so unique to what I have seen before. Today, we are introducing you to one of those suppliers.

Lovely readers, meet Tiger Lily. A beautiful 1950’s single decker bus that has recently been converted into a cool mobile bar by husband and wife team Marsha and Geoff. Available to hire for weddings and events within a 40 mile radius from Horsham in West Sussex, Tiger Lily offers a fully stocked bar as well as a lovely cocktail menu. She can also provide snacks, cream teas and cake. She would look so good at a Festival Wedding and would most certainly provide a unique experience for your guests.

We asked Marsha and Geoff all about Tiger Lily’s roots, how she came to be a bar and all the services she can offer.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Geoff and I have been married for 15 years and run our own individual businesses. Geoff buys and sells classis cars along with American cars, motor memorabilia, 40’s and 50’s film posters and pretty much anything quirky and unique,and I am a ladies bespoke footwear designer and maker. Tiger Lily Bus Company is our first business together.

If you had the chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be and why?

Hmm, this is a tricky one as we like a whole array of different music and not always the same as each other. If we were taking Tiger Lily along then a 40’s / 50’s festival would suit her styling the best. I’m also a bit partial to a Jive.

If we were going purely to party, then the Isle of Wight Festival would be my festival of choice because of the great line up of musicians seem to be everything we like. I might have to put that on my bucket list!

What made you decide to convert Tiger Lily into a cool drinks and snack bar?

It was like a lightbulb moment when we were at the Goodwood Revival. So often you have to buy your food or drink and then stand outside which is great if the sun is shining and the skies are blue but what if they’re not? We wanted to give customers the option to sit and enjoy their purchases inside somewhere that was a joy to be in regardless of the weather.

Our passion for vintage style and to create a unique bar bus unlike any other (we just can’t help ourselves) started us our journey.

It was love at first sight when we saw her with her curved roof windows and all original features. Even though she wasn’t looking as beautiful as she does today. We could see her potential. She is also very rare. Being only one of 6 made and we believe the last one still running in the UK.

She is an English made bus, and we wanted to support English producers with the products we selected. There is a real buzz about English Sparkling wines. They are beating Champagne on many occasions in taste tests and so we thought this would be the perfect fit. Even or snacks are produced in the UK.

Tell us a little bit more about Tiger Lily and the service she can supply?

Well, Tiger Lily is a 1954 Burlingham Bodied Leyland Royal Tiger. We have tried to keep everything as original or as close to original styling as possible even down to her gold leaf hand painted signage.

We offer various types of service:

Dry bar hire – If the couple want to supply their own drinks for us to serve so that it is a free bar for their guests.

Vehicle hire – If you want Tiger Lily at your wedding but the venue insists on supplying the drinks, that’s ok. We are happy to collaborate, and can serve the drinks they supply from the bus

Fully Stocked. We will supply all the drinks from our range of bottles of beer, ciders, bubbly and cocktails to soft drinks (hot and cold)

We can also mix it up and do a combination, so if the couple want to provide certain drinks and then have us supply the rest. We’re cool with that.

Tiger Lily will always be staffed with the appropriate amount of bar staff for the number of guests and can provide reception drinks on arrival through to after dinner drinks as well as throughout the day and evening.

We also have a selection of snacks such as crisps and nuts as standard but can supply cream teas and a selection of cakes too if requested. These are bought in as I’m not a great cook but if relatives want to supply cakes to make it more personal we promise we won’t taste them all first.

We can offer a selection of hot drinks too. Luxury teas from the Brew Tea Company (English of course!) coffee and hot chocolate.

How does the drink and snack bar work? Is there seating and tables inside for guests?

On board, we have seating for 16 people at 4 seating booths. We offer table service inside the bus so you can sit and enjoy the ambiance of the bus with her beautiful character and curved roof windows. We can also provide seating outside for a further 20 guests. Drinks and snacks can also be ordered via two windows at the side that open up.

Tiger Lily is also fitted with an ice maker (great for the cocktails or soft drinks) and a hot water urn so whatever the tipple we will do our best to please.

If our readers were to book Tiger Lily for their wedding, what can they expect?

Apart from a unique bar that everyone will be talking about afterwards (for the right reasons) and a wonderful addition to the memories created on the day, we work with the couple and /or the wedding planner to fulfil their ideas in every way. We discuss all aspects of the event. From products, supply, layout and if required a site visit to make sure we help create the perfect day with no hiccups.

We don’t have many set rules as every couple and every wedding is different, and we want to be as flexible as possible. We would just need to be in place a couple of hours before guests start arriving so that we can get set up.

I have a personal alcohol licence which allows me to sell alcohol even if the premises don’t have a licence. There are only 2 conditions with this. The event cannot have more than 500 people and I would need to apply for permission from the local council of where the event is taking place so we would need to put our application in as soon as possible.

We make sure that even the smallest of details are thought of, so if you would like specific flowers on board the bus just let us know and we will make sure we do our best to make sure they are incorporated.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer our readers when it comes to choosing a bar for their wedding?

You need to get a good vibe and feel confident with the people you choose for your bar. I would want to know that the bar isn’t going to run out of drinks and there will be enough staff to look after my guests properly. Make sure you agree the products and service that is right for you in plenty of time. Last minute changes can be stressful for everyone. Good communication is very important. It all helps to create a smooth-running day and treasured memories.

Finally, what’s your quote /motto at Tiger Lily?

Tiger Lily is like no other, her service, her style, her taste. So hop on board. She’s just the ticket.

Call us, there’s no time to waste!

You can read more about Tiger Lily and the services she supplies in our directory here or visit the Tiger Lily Bus Company website.


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