I love a camper. It is still a dream of mine to buy a VW Split Screen and go off travelling the UK. I briefly lived out of a van when I was travelling Australia (we made our own bed for the back – it was awesome) but owning a classic VW camper would just be amazing so you can understand why I was a little bit excited when Split Silk Wedding Cars got in touch. Not only do they have two split screen campers to hire for your wedding (how cool is Rio their Brazilian combi, pictured above – I want him!) but they also have a cool beetle convertible who couldn’t be more perfect for a hot summer wedding.

Now I don’t need to go on about how perfect rocking up to your festival wedding in an original VW camper is because that’s just obvious. Finding a good company to book with however, isn’t so obvious. These vehicles are old so they need to be looked after and you need to know that they will be reliable on the day of your wedding. A breakdown on the way to your ceremony is the last thing you need to be worrying about. Split Silk Screen Campers make sure all their vehicles are well cared for and pride themselves on offering excellent customer service.

We asked Richard and Angela, the couple behind Split Silk Screen Campers, all about Rio, Lulu and Eddy and what sort of service you can expect if you were to book them.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Split Silk Wedding Cars is run by the two of us, Richard and Angela. We are engaged and just about to start planning our own wedding so are very empathetic to the excitement and trepidation couples are feeling about their choices and making sure they end up with something that’s perfect for them. Rich is an ex Royal Marine who then trained as a social worker (really diverse, right?) and has always had a hand in property development . Angela has had many jobs from Nursery School Assistant and Girlguiding Leader, to a Presales Engineer for a networking company. I guess you could say we have never limited ourselves when it comes to life experiences.

If you had the chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be and why?

Glastonbury. There is so much on offer and is so diverse that there is something for everyone. The whole point of going would be to go with loads of friends so it would be perfect for keeping everyone happy. Plus we can now afford the glamping tents which would make life a little bit more comfortable (I think we have both feel we have done enough extreme camping)

What made you decide to start Split Silk Wedding Cars?

We love the VW cars, old and new and we love the vibe and scene that surrounds them, particularly the classic Campers and Beetles. We have quite a few and as we are both lucky enough to have ‘retired’ early, we thought that using them to help make wedding days very special would be a fantastic thing to do with our time.

Tell us all about the very cool ‘Lulu,’ ‘Rio’ and ‘Eddy’ and the sort of wedding packages you offer?

Lulu is our gorgeous Triple White Karmann Beetle Convertible ‘Champagne Edition’, one of only a few in the country. White paintwork, interior and hood give her such a summery feel; the fact that she came originally from Hawaii makes her feel even more of a sunshine car even when there isn’t any.

Rio is our Brazilian Splitscreen Kombi and has the fab corner windows plus the front safari windows, he really does wow. He is currently undergoing some refurbishment to bring him back to his showroom best.

Eddy is our recent addition; he’s a German Splitscreen Camper in the classic two tone paintwork of latte coffee and white.

Our wedding packages offer you the car plus a dedicated chauffeur (smart or casual, as you require) for the hire period which is usually about 4 hours. The vehicle can be decorated as little or as much as you choose with ribbons, bunting, garlands and flowers with various colour schemes to choose from although we welcome any decorating suggestions and ideas. There is a bottle of bubbly included so the couple can have a quick refresher after the ceremony if wanted (or needed). The vehicles will be available for photos at any point during it’s time with the couple and is a great prop for some cool pictures.

Discounted multiple vehicle hire packages are available and we have other vehicles that can provide a flexible range of options because, as we have discovered, there is a lot of diversity in what couples require transport-wise on their wedding day.

What makes Split Silk Wedding Cars stand out from a crowd?

Ha ha – apart from the fact that Rich is 6’6” tall? Fastidious attention to detail is really important to both of us; we treat everyone’s day as if it was our own because that is what we would want from anyone providing a service to us.

If our couples were to book you for their wedding, what sort of service can they expect?

After booking we will send confirmation of all the details in the post (a bit old fashioned but we like to use nice stationery and a cute wax seal as we believe every part of your wedding should make you feel special). We like to leave discussing the decoration of the vehicle to about a month before the wedding day, in case there have been any last minute changes in plans or colour schemes. At this point we would also find out how the chauffeur should be attired to suit the wedding vibe. We will contact the couple about a week before to make sure all pickup and timing details are correct, confirm our arrival time(s) and discuss possible slots for any photographs they may need with the vehicle. We make a final confirmation of pickup by text the day before the wedding and on the actual day, we will always make sure we have left plenty of time so will probably arrive early anyway. Our vehicles are stocked with a little kit for emergencies: water, paracetamol, tissues, makeup remover, needle and thread, spare buttons, fan for overheating passengers – you never know.

What are some of your favourite memories and experiences from previous weddings/couples you’ve worked with?

So many lovely moments happen on wedding days it seems unfair not to put them all in. There is something very special about being part of those minutes before the ceremony, the last moments before a huge and eagerly anticipated change. We had a very local wedding last year and although we hadn’t known the couple we must of made a good impression as we were invited back to the reception in the evening and had great fun dancing the night away.

What’s is the best piece of advice you can give our readers when it comes to choosing transport for their wedding?

Most of the wedding transport companies we have come across are run by enthusiastic and reliable people so there is lots of choice out there. I guess we would say think carefully about weather conditions and your venues for access when picking your vehicle (e.g. muddy track roads and long open top journeys with delicate hairstyles) Always check contingency plans for providing alternatives if something unforeseeable does happen. Most importantly though – pick a vehicle that makes you smile.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

Don’t save anything for ‘best’; if you wake up and you’re breathing it’s ‘best.’

If you would like to read more information about Split Silk Wedding Cars and the vehicles they have to offer, please visit their website or view their listing in our festival wedding directory.

I’m off to try and make this VW Camper dream of mine a reality!


Big Wedding Transport Love

Laura xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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