Morning all and how are we today? I’m pretty perky as it happens because today, I get to introduce you to the wonderful Beth, designer and owner at Miri Boheme, a US-based bridal accessories label that I just know you’re going to love. We recently listed Miri Boheme in our festival wedding directory and Beth’s style has already been a BIG hit so it’s time to hand the blog over to her so she can tell us all we need to know. Take it away Beth…

Tell us a little about Miri Boheme…

Miri boheme is bohemian clothing, accessories, jewellery, and now BRIDAL (I’m very excited about this part!). Everything is handmade from antique textiles, amulets, findings, notions, and more cool stuff from all over the globe.

These designs are for all the free-spirited women who live with joy and compassion. Women who create art just by living.

Miri started off as a scarf shop on Etsy. I would never have guessed that my little venture would lead to learning so much about textiles, photography, design, marketing, and so much more. It feels as if all my passions have come together for the first time and it’s just so fun. Creating these pieces and running my shop is a joy.

What made you decide to start designing and making wedding accessories?

Before I started doing bridal, a lot of customers told me that their purchase was for a special event (a wedding or a graduation or something). This always felt like such an honour.

Then one day, not too long ago, a big piece of antique crocheted lace seemed like it should become a wedding dress. That was it! The response to the dress on facebook convinced me to give bridal a try.

So I guess you could say the fabric led me into bridal. I’ve never thought about it that way before!

Textiles and weddings are a perfect marriage (pun?). To me, textiles are about family, community, ceremony, and life. This art form has been passed from grandmother to mother to daughter for at least 70,000 years!

Think about the fabrics traditionally associated with wedding ceremonies – veils, banners, long red carpets, ribbons on chairs, all of it. This is such a beautiful way to express ourselves and at the same time celebrate connections to the past and to each other.

Tell us a little bit more about the bridal offering from Miri Boheme…

Miri boheme has flower crowns, shawls, jewellery, shrugs, and capes – basically everything you might need for your perfect bohemian wedding.

The flower crowns are made of vintage silk and paper flowers, and are different from any you’ve seen before. This will be your literal crowning glory!

The shawls and shrugs are made from antique bridal sari. Indian women wear very colourful and ornate wedding clothes. Each piece is covered with amazing embroidery all done by hand in northern or northwestern India. The textiles are described in each listing, so you’ll get to know the story of where your piece came from!

The jewellery is very influenced by archaeology (my day job). Gold, pearls, vintage amulets, tassels, and even skulls (lovely ones!) show up a lot. I love the juxtaposition of ancient and modern, edgy and classic.

The dresses are form-fitting and very simple. They’re made of antique cotton lace that was handmade in Germany, England, France, and other lacy places.

We LOVE your flower crowns! Are these some of your most popular products?

I can’t believe people love these so much! I made one for my Etsy shop and people went crazy, so I just started making more. They’re SOOOO fun to make I almost feel guilty charging money for them. Even more than clothing or jewellery, the crowns have allowed me to unleash my creativity. At first I made a few smaller, less ornate pieces, thinking they’d be more accessible. I was surprised to find that the more lavish and wild, the more they sold. This makes me very happy because I get to make more.

These do sell well, but I’d have to say my most popular product to date has been the sparkly shawls.

Where do you take your inspiration from for your designs?

The inspiration for each individual piece comes from the fabric. Traditional fabric is very engaging to me – something to be experienced rather than just observed or admired. I buy antique fabrics from several suppliers in different parts of the world, who buy them from village women. These fabrics are so beautiful. They are artworks, truly.

When I receive the fabric, I swish it around to get the scent (nice, like old books) and the feel of it – whether it’s heavy, light, translucent, the design, all of it. I think about the person who created the fabric, the history of that particular technique and what the designs may mean. As I’m doing this, I get ideas of what to make. It’s my favourite part of the entire process.

What are your personal favourite bridal accessories from Miri Boheme?

I love the embroidered net shawls. They look like something I dreamed up when I was 13 – perfectly beautiful and princess-like.

We know that Miri Boheme is part of a support network for women – could you tell us more?

In an incredible coincidence, the sari supplier in Delhi is the single mother (like me) of a young boy the same age as mine. She gets all her saris from village women during buying trips to remote places in India. She makes a living for herself and her boy, I make a living for myself and my boy, and the village women make a living for themselves and their families! All of my suppliers have similar stories. These pieces have had long and winding lives.

What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous weddings/couples you’ve worked with?

My favourite bride so far was a lady who contacted me in a panic. She’d been searching for a dress for more than six months and her wedding was in two weeks. In GREECE! She was so funny. We had a great time creating her dress. It got to her in the nick of time!

When you design pieces, do you have a ‘Miri Boheme’ bride in mind? Who is she?

The Miri boheme bride is a free-spirited, travelling, creative, curious lass. She cares about the earth and all its people.

She sees the union with her soul-mate as a flourishing rather than a surrender of her freedom, and she wants to express and share her joy in this.

What’s your best piece of advice for brides who’re trying to choose their wedding accessories?

Practical advice from my mum:

Be careful with your colour palette. Use a colour wheel to make sure your tones match.

Know when to tone it down. Just because you’re a hippie doesn’t mean you have to put fringe on everything. It took me many years of extreme flamboyance to learn this, so I’m passing it on to you kids now. J

Only one piece (MAYBE 2) should be ornate/flashy. Too many textures, colors, and lines will muddy your look and decrease its impact. If you have an ornate piece you’d like to wear on your big day, the other elements of your outfit should complement, rather than distract from, that piece. For example, a big shimmery shawl looks best with a simple, elegant dress.

Still practical:

Your wedding outfit is for you. This is your expression. Choose pieces that harmonize with each other and with you. If you feel that little flutter of artistic happiness when you put it on, you’ll know you made the right choice.

Finally, what’s your life motto?

Either, “Everything is all right” or “Oh dear.” Depends on the mood!

Thank you so much Beth – it’s been so great having you with us today. If you’d like to find out more about Miri Boheme, take a peek at their listing in our festival wedding directory or jump on over to the website.


Model: Breana Gonzales 

Model: Eryn Baczek 

Floral designer: Morgan Butt

MUA: Alanna Garcia of Betty Rose by Alanna 

MUA: Casey Flint of Betty rose by Alanna 

Photographer: Audre Holtz 

Assistant: Misty Do 

Assistant: Joey Ochoa

Designer: Beth McCormack of Miri Boheme




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