We’ve covered quite a few epic wedding suppliers in our time and I guess that comes with the territory of writing a festival wedding blog – you’re bound to come across quirky cool suppliers who are putting their unique spin on entertainment, food, stationery, photography etc. I love that we get to share with you suppliers that genuinely get us excited about what they do and personally, Paddy and his Disco Shed has got me the most excited so far!!

I absolutely LOVE Disco Wed’s spin on wedding DJing – I love it so much that I want to throw a party just so he can bring his shed and play one of his infamous sets! In fact……..I think I might!!!

If you do one thing today make sure it’s reading Paddy’s story below because it rocks. If you want to do two things today, book Disco Wed for your wedding because they rock……that is all.


“Here at Disco Wed, we never actually set-out to be wedding DJs at all! Appropriately enough for Festival Brides, what led to me running a wedding DJ service was actually my appearances DJing at festivals in a popular, if daft sideshow called the Disco Shed.

I started the Disco Shed in 2005 with my friend Aidan in Oxford, where we were both running successful club nights. Aidan ran a reggae night called Skylarkin, and I an audio-visual electronic music night called Peepshow, which had led to me playing some great gigs at some very cool clubs and fantastic festivals in the UK and Europe. But whilst we were both great friends and really enjoyed each other’s nights, we didn’t really have much opportunity to work together on anything.

However one day Aidan had a house warming party and I went round to help him set up. After clearing his overgrown garden, we found this great shed at the bottom with a window looking back towards the house. It seemed like the perfect place to party, so we put the decks on the shelf under the window, the speakers on the roof and apparently at some point during the night I suggested it would be a good idea to take it on the road! I can’t actually remember having the idea (it was a good party and I was pretty drunk!) but before we knew it we’d been booked for 2 festivals and had to make it happen!


The shed has kind of grown from there into it’s current guise as a nice relaxed garden party by day with games and things, and a full on rave at night, complete with live visuals and a light show, all hosted from a little shed! It’s proved to be very popular and we’ve played some amazing festivals including Reading, Latitude, Thames Festival, and The Big Chill, had some amazing coverage in most of the national newspapers, as well as on the radio and TV. I’ve had some of the most enjoyable moments of my life playing in it and along with the DJing it’s now my full time occupation – so I feel very lucky to have had such a random idea and actually made it happen!

Disco Wed followed a few years later, and literally in response to demand from couples who had seen the Disco Shed in action at festivals or at our club nights and wanted to recreate our unique vibe at their wedding.

Because we can’t always accommodate the shed at most weddings (it’s now permanently mounted on a trailer so is hard to get indoors!), and also because we wanted to keep the Disco Shed brand primarily for our festival activities and club nights, Disco Wed seemed the obvious name for our wedding DJ service!

Since launching Disco Wed, we’ve been really popular and have grown really quickly, mainly through word of mouth – I even gave up my career in 2010 to do it full time, and I now look after a whole crew of brilliant DJs.

We aim to offer a friendly, fun, relaxed service and have loads of great creative ideas to make a reception different and memorable for all the right reasons! We have a few different options available, ranging from the full festival going Disco Shed, to an indoor Disco Shed which comes complete with our unique characters and an assortment of garden games, down to a more traditional DJ set-up.

With all our options, we just charge one price which is completely all inclusive and covers travel, equipment, and our time for the whole day – so we can set up before the meal and play background music during it, and our wireless microphones can be used for the speeches as well.

We aim to be different to the usual terrible wedding DJ nonsense – the idea of a bloke with a crazy light show, playing cheesy music on a bad sound system and spouting inane corny banter on the microphone all night fills me with dread! At Disco Wed, we all have backgrounds as professional, working DJs. This means we use proper DJ decks, and not just a laptop, are technically skilled at mixing, and have lots of experience of working a dance floor at different types of events, from massive festivals to tiny club nights, which itself is pretty unique and certainly invaluable.

Plenty of other DJs seem to concentrate on having the best light show and equipment possible, and whilst it’s obviously important to have decent equipment no-one will dance if the DJ is rubbish and the music is bad. The wedding ‘disco’ is probably 4 hours, or a third of the whole day, plus it’s the final part and therefore the abiding memory for most guests, so it’s important to get it right. A good DJ and the right music will create a brilliant atmosphere and finish a wedding on a high!

We don’t force our tastes on people – instead we do as much as possible to involve our clients in the music selection. We are often booked by people who trust us to get on and do a great job, but they have usually seen us play before so for the uninitiated we have an epic play list to choose from, though we tend to encourage couples to work with us to compile their own bespoke play list instead.


In my experience, most couples getting married these days have a very different idea of what a DJ is from going out to clubs and bars. This is more along the lines of what we do at Disco Wed, by bringing something more contemporary, credible and, dare I say it, cool, to the world of weddings!

We tread a fine line of playing popular, party classics tunes of all ages and genres that everyone knows and loves, and which aren’t too cheesy and haven’t been played to death, so there’s something for everyone. Then we keep everyone dancing by mixing them all seamlessly in the same way you’d hear a DJ mix tunes in a nightclub. It’s quite simple really!

A wedding should end with a great, fun party. We’ve put on countless amazing parties and we use those skills to put on brilliant wedding receptions too! If you’re planning to have a festival themed wedding then, well, it’s what we do anyway!”

Told you they rock!!!

To find out more, please visit Disco Wed’s website, email Paddy or call him on 07734 568038.

You can also follow Disco Wed on Facebook @DiscoWed or on Twitter @DiscoWedDJs.

Disco Shed: www.discoshed.com || www.facebook.com/discoshed  || www.twitter.com/discoshed

See the Disco Shed in action: http://youtu.be/iZx6ifAcTWs

Have a lovely Tuesday Peeps – I’m currently snowed in which is fine by me!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


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