EAP 3 Mwaha ha ha ha haaa!!

Ahem, yes that was my best evil laugh, and yes, I’ve been rehearsing it all week for today’s spooky post!

To get you into that especially eerie mood, ready for that amazing costume and spine-chillingly-awesome partying y’all are gonna get up to later, I thought I’d pull together a few quotes from one of my favourite writers; Mr Edgar Allan Poe.

This guy…

EAP portrait…Even that stare is a little lot creepy, right?!

Now, this guy, he writes some seriously dark poetry, perfect for some light afternoon reading! That said, in the midst of the eeriness that Poe conjures, you’ll find some beautiful, dare I say, even wedding-worthy, quotes.

He eloquently speaks of dreamers, of an all consuming love and of the beauty of those considered out of the ordinary… So, if you’re a little unconventional, he’s TOTES on side!

…Man, I bet he’s turning in his grave at my use of the word ‘Totes’! Soz, Ed!

EAP 4CatBride 1EAP 2I MEAN! Isn’t that just beautiful?!

Bride 2EAPMoonPumpkinsAnd so I leave you with this, ‘Anabel Lee’ Poe’s chilling tale of a love envied by the angels and a lover left dreaming of his lost beloved…

Annabel LeeHappy Halloween, babes!

Peace, Love + All things Creepy

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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