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Word Up Gorgeous Peeps!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Mine kicked off with my baby girl of 10 months finally saying ‘mama!’ It was like music to my ears! She has, for the past 2 months, been saying nothing but da da da da (much to my husbands delight) so to suddenly hear her say mama for the first time was really very special. I’m loving it!

Talking of special……we have a super dooper wedding to share with you all today. It’s full of fun, full of smiles and of course full off plenty of ideas for you to steal for your wedding day!

Inspired by a love of vintage, Downton Abbey and village life, this gorgeous village fete woodland wedding will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Look out for the buttons in the bridesmaids hair (love this idea), the groom’s awesome festival-esque attire and a very handsome looking dog.

Ladies and Gents, meet Emma and Gavin.

Emma & Gavin-0006-8723 Emma & Gavin-0026-8778 Emma & Gavin-0031-8786 Emma & Gavin-0044-8822 Emma & Gavin-0058-8874 Emma & Gavin-0081-8947 Emma & Gavin-0125-9084 Emma & Gavin-0134-9098 Emma & Gavin-0146-9124 Emma & Gavin-0149-9132 Emma & Gavin-0151-9135 Emma & Gavin-0153-9139 Emma & Gavin-0155-9144 Emma & Gavin-0159-9151 Emma & Gavin-0160-9154 Emma & Gavin-0168-9173 Emma & Gavin-0169-9176 Emma & Gavin-0183-9215 Emma & Gavin-0188-9226 Emma & Gavin-0189-9229 Emma & Gavin-0195-9243 Emma & Gavin-0204-9261 Emma & Gavin-0211-9277 Emma & Gavin-0216-9289 Emma & Gavin-0219-9299 Emma & Gavin-0226-9333 Emma & Gavin-0251-9394 Emma & Gavin-0261-9404 Emma & Gavin-0262-9405 Emma & Gavin-0290-4731 Emma & Gavin-0398-9627 Emma & Gavin-0414-4832 Emma & Gavin-0419-4845 Emma & Gavin-0431-9708 Emma & Gavin-0436-9720 Emma & Gavin-0441-4882 Emma & Gavin-0446-9729 Emma & Gavin-0450-9735

A Humanist Ceremony In the Woods….

We found our wedding venue on Google. We we knew we didn’t want a hotel, so searched for barn wedding initially and then came across Wedding in the Woods. Was only the second venue we saw but we knew it was for us especially as we could bring our dog! We had a humanist ceremony outside by David Hewitt (Civil Ceremony was at Gretna Green a few days before) and I walked down the aisle to Elbow’s One Day Like This and exited to Frank Sinatra Let’s face the music and dance.

Emma & Gavin-0460-9753 Emma & Gavin-0479-9777 Emma & Gavin-0483-9780 Emma & Gavin-0510-4919 Emma & Gavin-0532-9841 Emma & Gavin-0556-4960 Emma & Gavin-0569-9896 Emma & Gavin-0575-4968 Emma & Gavin-0583-9916 Emma & Gavin-0590-9931 Emma & Gavin-0597-9956 Emma & Gavin-0605-9963

A Relaxed Family Day in The Country….

We wanted our wedding to have a relaxed, fun family environment in a country setting where everyone was part of the day not just us, without any of the formalities of a ‘usual’ wedding. We wanted our wedding to represent our favourite things – the outdoors and British village life (fete, afternoon tea etc). For the ceremony, we wanted something personalised which is why we opted for a humanist ceremony.

Emma & Gavin-0624-9997 Emma & Gavin-0627-0004 Emma & Gavin-0628-0007 Emma & Gavin-0648-0031 Emma & Gavin-0666-0072 Emma & Gavin-0701-0179 Emma & Gavin-0715-0218 Emma & Gavin-0718-0222 Emma & Gavin-0720-0229

A Vintage Village Fete Theme, Teapots and Space Hoppers….

Wedding in the woods is a blank canvas which was the best thing about it! It gave us the opportunity to create our own unique venue. Vintage and village fete was the theme so cue loads of bunting! We also had lots of signs up and pictures of us. The table plan was a trellis with plant pots filled with wild flowers – each one labelled with a table name. The tables were names after places we had visited – each had handmade wooden signs on them with photos of us at the location. In the middle of the table were teapots with lavender and wooden roses on flat wooden centrepieces. Outside, we had a village fete provided by the Village Fete Company and garden games such as space hoppers and quoits – the venue didn’t need any more than that due to the beautiful surroundings. All decorations were sourced from Ebay!

Emma & Gavin-0726-0244 Emma & Gavin-0731-0266 Emma & Gavin-0734-0270 Emma & Gavin-0735-0276Emma & Gavin-0762-5082 Emma & Gavin-0778-0379 Emma & Gavin-0797-0450 Emma & Gavin-0814-0482 Emma & Gavin-0822-0503 Emma & Gavin-0856-5149 Emma & Gavin-0950-5210 Emma & Gavin-0959-5225 Emma & Gavin-0967-5233 Emma & Gavin-0974-3 Emma & Gavin-1003-3 Emma & Gavin-1011-3 Emma & Gavin-1022-3 Emma & Gavin-1033-5258 Emma & Gavin-1034-3 Emma & Gavin-1047-4 Emma & Gavin-1064-4 Emma & Gavin-1086-4 Emma & Gavin-1090-4 Emma & Gavin-1092-4 Emma & Gavin-1126-5 Emma & Gavin-1131-5 Emma & Gavin-1140- Emma & Gavin-1150-5 Emma & Gavin-1160-5

Favourite Moment of the Day…

When we went off for a walk round the area with our lovely photographer Sam and got the chance to take in the day

Emma & Gavin-1180-6 Emma & Gavin-1198-6 Emma & Gavin-1207-6 Emma & Gavin-1262-4 Emma & Gavin-1304-7 Emma & Gavin-1309-7 Emma & Gavin-1321-8

Any Advice for Couples Planning Their Wedding Day?

Don’t get caught up doing what you think everyone else wants you to do, make the wedding true to who you are.

The Line Up

Photography: New Forest Studio 
Venue: Weddings In The Woods
Celebrant: David Hewitt
Brides Dress: Kitty & Dulcie Pearly Queen
Brides Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Hair: Amazing Face
Groom: Tweed Suit from Symonds
Bridesmaid Dresses: Little Mistress
Flowers: Divine Floral Designs
Entertainment: The Live Karaoke Band
Garden Games & Ice Cream Bike: Old Crocks Vintage Hire
Hog Roast: Mikes New Forest Butchers


Wedding beauty on its way!

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