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So there comes a time when we like to throw a few ideas out there and its kinda nice to ask some friends to contribute to the inspiration stack! Jess and Emily from Bespoke Bride are two bubbly ladies full of fun ideas to make your wedding a bit more bespoke. Their blog is jammed packed with DIY ideas and they will be doing a few posts over the coming weeks showing you how to get down and crafty!! So over the girls….

Hello beautiful readers of Festival Brides! It’s Jess & Emily here from Bespoke Bride, thank you so much for having us! At Bespoke Bride we’re all about making your wedding more YOU and we know that one of the best ways to do this is to add a few DIY elements to your special day. Not only can you create them to your own style to reflect your personalities but it’s also so nice to look at them on your wedding day and know how much love went into creating them by yourselves and your family and friends!

Today we’re going to making these gorgeous feather place settings and let us tell you, they’re not only easy to make but they’re definitely fun! Why not get the girls together and get creative with some paints (& wine!) one evening? To make these all you’ll need is:

// Fake feathers (ours were from Ebay!) // Acrylic paints // Luggage tags // Twine or string // Glitter // Paintbrushes //

Let’s get started shall we?

Festival Brides DIY Main

Step 1: Using your paint and one of the colours of your choice start to paint various lines onto your feather, we found it works best to start at the center of the feather then work your way towards the edges following the direction.

Festival Brides DIY Collage

Step 2: Repeat with your second colour filling in the gaps and leaving breaks of white wherever you see fit.


Step 3: Using the end of your paintbrush start to add dots to your design.


Step 4: Paint a green tip onto the end of your feather then leave to dry.


Step 5: Using either yellow paint or glue paint a triangle on top then sprinkle glitter over it allowing it to stick to the feather. Once dry, tip the feather upside down to shake off any excess glitter.


Step 6: Time to move onto the name tags! Mixing a few drops of water and a dash of acrylic paint start to paint the top of the tag, it should look like water colour and be quite washy, if it isn’t, add more water!


Step 7: As you work your way down the tag gradually start to add more and more acrylic paint to create the ombre effect, then allow to dry.


Step 8: Pop on the name on of your guest.


Step 9: Attach the label to the feather using string or twine.


Step 10: Display your feather on to the place setting and you’re done!


Pretty easy right? For more DIY ideas and inspiration head on over to Bespoke Bride! We put a new DIY tutorial on every week!


See you there…


Much Bespoke Love


Jess & Emily x


Wedding beauty on its way!

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