Happy Friday festival folk… So did you see that our friends over at Bespoke Bride are giving us some fun tutorials to get all arty and crafty? If you missed the last one (The feather place setting) here it is again. But this one is my favourite so far – So simple and colourful.. Over to the bespoke duo.

Hello again gorgeous readers of Festival Brides! It’s Jess & Emily here from Bespoke Bride, we’re so excited to be back with another fun DIY for you! If you missed our DIY festival feather place setting last time then be sure to check it out here, the feathers go perfectly with this next tutorial!

Today we’re going to be showing you how to make a DIY Aztec table runner, Aztec print has always been one of our favourite patterns to create, not only because we absolutely adore Mexico and it’s culture but because there is something so cool about the patterns! It’s also super easy to do because it’s mostly made up of simple shapes! To create this table runner all you’ll need is:

// Burlap material // Acrylic paints // Sponges // Scissors // Tape measure //

Let’s get started shall we?

Aztec Table Runner Main

Step 1: Using your scissors cut out a few shapes from your sponge. We cut one diamond, one large triangle, one small triangle, a thin rectangle and an arrow.

Step 2: If you like, sketch out a pattern onto a piece of paper, we just found it easier to refer back to! There’s no need to make it too complicated though, we mostly worked in rows, so one row of diamonds, followed by a row of arrows, etc

Step 3: Lay down your burlap onto a surface you don’t mind getting paint on or pop some newspaper underneath it. Pop some stones or slabs on the edges to weigh it down if you need to then using your measuring tape, find the half way point in your material.

Aztec Table Runner CollageStep 4: The fun part! Pour your paints onto some plates, take your first sponge, pop it into the paint and then press it directly into the middle of your material, we decided to use a green diamond as the centre of ours!

Step 5: Continue dipping and creating your pattern! We found it easier to assign shapes to colours so we kept the sponges clean and the pattern easy! Our diamonds were green, our traingles were black, our rectangles were purple and our arrows were pink!

Step 6: Keep going all the way to the edges, repeating your pattern until you’re done!

Step 7: Allow to dry then display it on your table!

It’s gorgeous right? And so simple! For more DIY ideas and inspiration head on over to Bespoke Bride! We’ll also see you back here next week for a tutorial on how to create a beautiful feather head piece!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess & Emily x


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