F6Happy Friday, you guuuys!

Boy, do I have a treat in store for y’all this afternoon! I don’t know about where you are, but here in the Midlands the air is crisp, the sun is shining and the leaves are falling; Autumn is well and truly here and I, for one, am LOVING IT. So, I thought we’d go ahead and embrace this season full throttle and create a very Autumnal mood board.

Now, let me just warn you: if a gorgeously warm colour palette ain’t your thing, or you’re not a fan of lusciously full wedding dresses or snuggling up in a faux fur cape and, hell, maybe you’re just not that into toffee drizzled, cinnamon sugar baked goods… Then you should probably look away now! (Seriously though, are you ok? Like, in life in general, are you ok?!)

Otherwise: girl you’re gonna lose your mind!

For everything cosy, luxurious, spiced and indulgent, just keep scrolling!


Warmth & Depth

The Autumnal colour palette. Seems like a good place to kick things off, right?

This season is all about the change in colour. From the bright pops of Summer, Autumn sees a transition into warm, earthy hues and dark, deep plums.

So, whether it’s your bridal beauty look – think warm blushes, strong brows and a brown smoked out eye look – or your bouquet, opt for shades of amber, contrasting with pale creams and deep berry tones. It’s rich, it’s indulgent and it’s perfect for an Autumn wedding.






C7Seriously, though!

It’s just elegance personified! Right down to those gorgeous plum bridesmaid gowns. We heart, big time.

Now, did somebody say baked goods?!…


Baked & Caramelised

Oh yes! Of course Autumn is about food; it’s a time to snuggle up and treat yo’self!

Nothing says Autumn like the flavour of toffee; be it drizzled over a luxurious, date-filled wedding cake, or covering a baked apple, it’s Bonfire night in a sweet!

I mean, can we talk about those smoked salted caramelised apples below?! I mean, would they not make the most divine favours?!

Love the natural twig, Love the sprinkling of sea salt. Love the slate board presentation.

Ticking ALL our boxes.


F2-5Left: Wedding Ideas Mag  Right: My Baking Addiction

Then, naturally, there’s the baked goods!

They’re sweet, they’re spiced and they’re sure to keep your guests warm and satisfied!

From apple pie pops, to pumpkin whoopie pies, to cinnamon sugar donuts; we’ll have ten one of each and we’ll have them delivered, please!


F3Serve them with a hot beverage, and you’ve really got our attention.

Hot apple ciders, Amaretto hot chocolates… I could go on, but it’s only midday, sooo let’s move on!

Now, what does one wear to her Autumn wedding…


Collared & Full

We are loving, no let me say that again, LOVING the elegant stand-up collars we’re seeing on dresses this Autumn.

Add a scalloped edge to the neckline, a beautiful, intricate lace and throw your hair into either a topknot or a full fringe and you’ve got yourself a timeless, yet edgy bridal look that’s totally fitting for the season.

To say we’re besotted would be an understatement. No words!



D3-6Left: Indulgy  Right: Hey Wedding Lady 

That said, if a collared look isn’t your thing, then look to the season for inspiration.

Autumn’s the season of harvest, of plenty and abundance, and your dress should say just that too. Go for layers upon layers (upon layers, upon lay…) of chiffon, with pleated pieces for a full, luscious looking gown that’ll blow gracefully in the October winds.

For real though, prepare to swoon…

D4I know, right?! I fell off my chair (no joke) when I came across that dress on Pinterest!

The earthy, multi-tonal layers are just incredible; she’s like a storm flying down that corridor! Fierce!

Next up, there’s only one thing you need to keep those shoulders warm at an Autumnal wedding.


Caped in Faux

You see fur; you hear Winter wedding, right?

Wrong, ladies! Autumn, you hear Autumn! I can’t think of anything better to keep your shoulders cosy, introduce even more warmth to your palette and look chic as hell for an Autumnal wedding.

How to avoid looking like the all wintery and Queen of Narnia? Opt for shades of brown, Scarlett or even Khaki and choose capes or shawls over a full jacket.



FF4And why not?! Pair your faux with a dark red nail, hey maybe even a richly colour dress too!

You do you, boo!

Next up, it wouldn’t be Autumnal without that gentle crunch underfoot…


Leaves & Squash

You think Autumn, you think leaves.

That beautiful change to orange and reds, the rustling sound underfoot as you stroll through the woods… If you’re hosting an Autumn wedding, it’d be criminal to not include a leaf or two!

Throw them as confetti (be it whole leaves, or punched into sweet shapes) or coin a leaf motif to run throughout the day… However you do it, you’re sure to introduce colour, texture and a nod to one of the year’s most glorious changes.

N3-9Left: Chic Vintage Brides  Right: Makezine


N7Calligraphy leaves; ’cause paper is so last season.

And of course, Autumn wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the humble squash.

Mix up pumpkins, squashes and gourds of every size, shape and shade to create a divine Autumnal display. Adorn them with your menu, incorporate them into your table decor (the miniature white ones are just the sweetest) or even have guests sign them in place of a guest book!



N6There’s so much potential and pumpkins remain so on point this year… There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say, but it’s true, nevertheless!

And finally, nothing says Autumn quite like a bit of dark, moody photography…


Sultry & Shadowed

There has been an influx of shots like this on Pinterest recently and we are LOV-ING it.

Photographers are drawing all those shadows out, they’re dimming the brightness and they’re increasing the depth. The result: darker, moody shots, longer shadows and silhouettes galore!

These shots are perfect for an Autumnal wedding. They’re atmospheric, they leave an element of mystery and they reflect the drawing in of the light. Perfect.






M5They’re, like, beyond sultry! We LOVE!

So, if you’re in the final throws of planning your Autumn wedding, or if you’re just starting to form ideas for next Autumn, head over to our AUTUMNAL WEDDING Pinterest board for more of the same glorious seasonal warmth!

Have a rad weekend, babes, and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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