I am in love with today’s styled shoot captured by Russian photographer Elina Sazonova and featuring the work of WedHeadLacy Bird and Evseeva Yulia. It is inspired by some of my favourite classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre and is shot at one of my favourite places, The Seven Sisters just outside of Eastbourne in East Sussex. A magical place of white cliffs and roaring seas and the perfect setting for a shoot hoping to capture the ‘charm of rural Britain, freedom and love.’

The wild romance of the gorgeous nude Cathytelle wedding dress suits the theme perfectly with its lace bodice and tulle skirt and we love the over-sized bouquet of pink and green.

Elina talks us through the shoot, the styling of the bride and groom and the autumnal decor.



Freedom, Love and Passion….

This love story was born when I was reminiscing about the beauty of the British seaside on my most recent trip to the UK. The choice of location was inspired by classic British literature – such as Jane Eyre, The Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice – the books that for centuries have encompassed the charm of rural Britain, freedom and love. The wind that carried soaring birds, the waves that crushed against the picture perfect lighthouse further mirrored the mood of famous literary characters and appeared to be an ideal match to the feeling of being passionately in love.

Tousled, Natural and Casual….

The bride wore casual, tousled hair, collected in a messy do with natural flushed complexion. The dress further fit into the romantic look with a fitted nude lace bodice and a full skirt. We wanted to echo the countryside and style the groom in a casual look which would be unusual but appear relaxed and harmonious with the setting. He wore a traditional cap, a relaxed shirt and khaki trousers.

Rich and Vibrant Colours….

We wanted the styling to match rich, vibrant colours of autumn and faintly remind of winter, without looking too Christmas-inspired. To contrast the ethereal beauty of pastel skyline that seamlessly merges with the sea, we opted for heavy wine velvet draping and burgundy taper candlesticks in the decor. Matching wine red vintage sofa and armchairs and a vintage fireplace added more character. As we didn’t want an overly vintage look, we used modern glass candlestick and an industrial coffee table with rustic wood top to keep the look balanced and natural. The same rich wintery colours were reflected in floral arrangements featuring red roses, berries, pomegranates, plums and figs alongside ample foliage with touches of gold.

The Line Up

Photography: Elina Sazonova
Décor Hire & Styling: WedHead
Flowers: Lacy Bird 
Wedding Dress: Cathytelle
Stationery: Evseeva Yulia 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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