When I first received the images for today’s stunning bridal shoot, my first thought was that some of these images could have come straight out of an art gallery. They are so artistic and atmospheric and the beautiful use of lighting gives a finish similar to that of a painting. It was only when I read the description of the shoot, put together by creative wedding photographer Kate Bean, that I realised this was exactly what she wanted.

This gorgeous piece of bohemian wedding inspiration is inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of the 19th century. A movement created by a group of English painterspoets, and critics who wanted to reform Renaissance art so it contained more realism, colour and nature. Having read up on this movement (thanks wikipedia) and viewed some of the art online, you can see how well the suppliers have used this as inspiration for the shoot. The rich and luxurious colours, the dark lighting, the setting, the dresses, the moody poses and, above all, the paint like finish of the photos. Kate Bean describes photography as ‘painting with light’ and she has certainly done that here. These images are beautiful and we salute everyone involved. It is a brilliant representation of how any passion can be used as inspiration for your wedding. Whether it be a love for art or a love for festivals – all you have to do is let those creative juices flow!

Look out for the stunning lace dresses and capes by Alice Halliday. We are in love with them.

Kate talks us through the shoot and the wonderful suppliers involved….

Painting With Light….

In my work I often look to the pre-raphaelite movement for inspiration. Especially the paintings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I love using natural light to capture my subjects, creating painterly like images, it’s almost like painting with light rather than a brush.

The idea grew from what started as a casual meet up to capture some new portraits of Actress Megan Cusack which quickly bloomed into this collection of fairy tale like images. We were kindly given access to an incredible location in West Cork, which the owner would like to remain unknown.

A couple of days before the shoot, I emailed everyone to see if they would be interested in being involved in this opportunity and they all happily agreed, everything came together perfectly for something that was so quickly put together. I even made the cake myself.

For the table setting, I put together a collection of items from Charity shop finds and my mother’s kitchen. The napkin I dyed myself to match the Ombre cake.

A Bohemian Pre-Raphaelite Bridal Shoot….

When it came to clothing, I asked Alice Halliday (Designer + Stylist) to jump on board. Alice has an incredible eye for detail, so I knew when I told her “I am going for a boho – pre – raphaelite -bridal shoot” she knew exactly what I meant.

Alice’s bridal collection is available online and in Liberty and Jasmine, Skibbereen.

The gorgeous flowers are from a local West cork team of mother and daughter, who always create something new and exciting.

The Line Up

Photography: Kate Bean Photography
Designer, Stylist, Clothing & Flower Crowns: Alice Halliday 
Stationery: Finer Details
Flower Ring & necklace Pendant: Golden Forest Boutique
Tourmaline Stone Ring: Patrick Roche Design 
Flowers: Bumble Flower Farm
Mustard Dress: Free People
Model: Megan Cusack 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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