We have a bit of colourful powder throwing for you today to brighten up this overcast Wednesday! This is something I have always wanted to do. It looks like a lot of fun and the pictures created are really quite something.

Sent in by Swiss wedding planner Laura Dova Weddings, this Holi Festival inspired engagement shoot was put together as a surprise by Laura for Alicia and Matteo as a pre-wedding treat….

I always like to give a little personalized present to my couples before the wedding and I work with this really creative and fun swiss couple, Alicia and Matteo, who’ll get married end of June 2015. I didn’t really know what to get them because they try to avoid everything that is too traditional.

As a wedding planner you create a different kind of relation with every couple you work with. With Alicia and Matteo we created a really special bond, they welcomed me as if I was family. That’s a great feeling ! 

I decided to give them a special photo session. Lucia Moretti, the photographer, and I didn’t tell them anything before the session, just to dress in white – that’s what they did.

We started like if it was a normal e-session and then the colours arrived and the chaos began!

To be honest I would suggest this to every couple who feel a little bit overwhelmed by all those different feelings you start to feel a few months before the wedding. They looked so liberated and free, not thinking about anything. Simply happy and I loved watching them. 

They had so much fun, laughed until they couldn’t anymore and the pictures are just amazing because they reflect exactly that moment of craziness they have lived. 

What a lovely way to start off their wedding celebrations!

We asked Alicia and Matteo a few questions about their wedding, the shoot and how they met……

CIA_6119CIA_6131 CIA_6147 CIA_6148 CIA_6165 CIA_6185 CIA_6188

How did you guys meet?

The first time we met it was February at the traditional Carnival festivities in Bellinzona (city of Ticino – Switzerland). We were in a bar and it’s thanks to a dear friend of Ali (Valentina, her witness) that we have been introduced to each other, after then we started dating.

What did you do for your first date?

After going out sometimes with friends and after longs phone calls (during almost 3 weeks) I decided to invite Alicia to the Cinema for an evening all on our own, since then, we’ve never left each other sides.

CIA_6190 CIA_6197 CIA_6200 CIA_6206 CIA_6293 CIA_6296 CIA_6312 CIA_6315 CIA_6321 CIA_6326 CIA_6345 CIA_6360 CIA_6366 CIA_6372 CIA_6384 CIA_6391 CIA_6406 CIA_6424

Who proposed and how?

Alicia actually made the proposal. It was on my birthday. She prepared a big picture in a frame, representing us and on it she wrote a phrase from our song (Jovanotti “Baciami ancora”) which says: “Voglio stare con te, invecchiare con te, stare soli io e te sulla luna”. In English this means “I want to stay with you, grow old with you, be you and me on the moon”. Behind the frame there was a small note where she wrote, marry me.

Can you tell us something about your wedding day?

The wedding will take place in an old olive oil mil, which has been restructured in order to welcome events and weddings inside and outside of it. We tried to organize something that represents us as a couple and for creating our big day we involved family and friends. In fact, they had the possibility to choose many songs that will be playing during the reception.

We will also have huge toys, homemade candles in jars and what couldn’t be missing was tea (we both lived in London, and even if it was for just a small time, we really love British culture and in particular its tea).

CIA_6432 CIA_6434 CIA_6438 CIA_6456 CIA_6462 CIA_6502 CIA_6503 CIA_6532 CIA_6550CIA_6569 CIA_6570 CIA_6586 CIA_6623 CIA_6628 CIA_6645 CIA_6671 CIA_6674 CIA_6687 CIA_6689 CIA_6690

Did you enjoy your engagement shoot?

The engagement session was beautiful, fun, spontaneous and unique in its kind. A crazy and playful idea that represents us 100%.

What was your favorite moment?

To throw these colors, spinning around while they were filming us in slow motion, amazing. Being together, not only with Ali but also with photographer Lucia, wedding planner Laura and her assistant Nadine. The fortune to be able to create incredible moments like this photo session also depends on the people you meet and work with, and we feel very lucky for this!

CIA_6701 CIA_6728CIA_6730 CIA_6732 CIA_6736 CIA_6741 CIA_6766 CIA_6785 CIA_6795 CIA_6821 CIA_6852 CIA_6854 CIA_6858 CIA_6860

Big Shout out to Laura Dova for sharing this fun engagement shoot with us and to Lucia Moretti for capturing it so brilliantly.

Big Powder Throwing Love

Laura xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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