Guys! We are almost there! I hope you’re feeling calm and ready for the holidays, ready to celebrate the good things in life and put your well deserved feet up! For today’s 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely we’ve got a great mix of last minute present ideas (or these would make great ideas for those of you with birthdays to sort over the festive period/early January!) as well as some of our favourite indulgences for the festive period (read: Gingerbread White Russians and simply divine foot treatments!) and not forgetting our two favourite festive fashion fixes…

Try saying that after a few too many glasses of Champers!

So, we’re gonna kick things off with our 4 last-minute pressie ideas (for those of you keen to get those sorted!) and then head into so absolute loveliness! Grab yourself something yummy (no, it’s not to early to crack open the Christmas treats!) and let’s get into it!

One: The Secret Garden Gift

Provoking the ‘solitude of hidden escapes’, this beautiful box tempts, indulges, massages and pampers mind body and soul – the perfect gift for those needing to show themselves a little self-love over the holidays.

Including their Beautiful (no really, it’s called that!) and Rose Jam shower gels, one of their Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bars, some King of Skin body butter, their gorgeous Reindeer Rock soap, their Ro’s Argan body conditioner and a divine Sleepy blend body lotion your recipient will feel cared for from head to toe.

g1 g1-finalAnd it’s all cruelty-free (and majority vegan) so it’s the perfect gift for your conscious friends!

Two: The Gift of Words

Now, this isn’t a new book, but when thinking about some of my favourite gifts of the past couple of years this one came to mind as it still sits on my bedside table, ready for me to re-read (that’ll be the fourth time!) when the mood takes me.

A witty take on the Parisian woman, her tendencies and her approach to life (not to mention her wardrobe!) is condensed down into this beautifully illustrated coffee table book.

g2c g2aPerfect for your über cool girlfriend to peruse at her leisure, ‘How to Be Parisian’ is a timeless guide to ‘it-girl’ attitude and style.

Three: A S’well Gift

I don’t know about the men in your life, but my man is just constantly on the go, and constantly swiggin’ on his H2O! So it simply makes sense to get your guy an ethically produced bottle from charitable US company, S’Well!

Available at Urban Outfitters (and even some service station Starbucks if you’re in a really tight spot!) they press all the right buttons: aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, ethically made and charitable. Tick, tick, tick!

Oh, and did I mention they keep hot bevvies hot for 12 hours and cold ones cold for 24?! Great for the traveller in your life!

Four: A Recycled Gift

Oh, guys. I am next level in love with this gift idea (even if I do say so myself!). I mean, I’m not gonna lie, at this point you’d probably have to give your recipient an IOU for Christmas as the company is Cali based, but it’s totally worth it.

Meet the Süga mat: a premium hardwearing yoga mat made solely from recycled wetsuits!

It looks super cool, it’s super eco and just an amazing gift for your yogi friend!

And for just an extra $20 you can purchase their ‘Cradle to Grave’ mat, the same as the original, but you get this mat for life! If anything happens to your mat, simply send it back (at any point!) and they’ll send you a new one! DEAL!

Five: #ChooseLove

Following on from those final gift ideas, we were stoked/privileged/excited to be a part of the #weddingbloggersunited movement on Wednesday of this week to promote the incredible work of charity, Help Refugees UK.

Since December 4th, this amazing charity has been running their ‘CHOOSE LOVE’ campaign, calling for people to show their support for the 65 million people seeking refuge worldwide.

Their aim? To encourage empathy, increase awareness and raise funds to help sustain and expand work on the front lines of this crisis.

As a brutal winter approaches, refugees need our help now more than ever. As the charity says: ‘this is still a crisis, but we are not powerless’

No act of compassion is too small. Please join us in giving what you can, whether that’s whatever size donation you can afford (remember every single penny helps!), fundraising, or buying one of these rad t-shirts, CHOOSE LOVE this Christmas.

‘Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.’ – Dalai Lama

Eight: Treat Your Feet

Now, a little closer to home, and as well as choosing love for the rest of the world this Christmas, we’re all about choosing and showing love within our own homes too. It’s what this season is all about after all!

And one of the best ways to show someone you love them??

…No not that, ya filthy animal! A good foot rub!

I don’t know about you guys, but between a year’s worth of dog walking, all the Christmas shopping of the last months and crazy work outs in a bid to fulfil a couple of 2016 fitness resolutions (better late than never?!), my feet are KNACKERED.

There’s so much to be gained from a good foot rub, whether done by a professional, a loving partner or even by yourself, from relaxing you to improving your circulation and helping your body detox. I can feel some festive foot rubs coming on…

And for those of you who can’t abide having your feet touched, hit up Yoga by Adrienne‘s awesome Yoga for the Feet video – just YES!

Seven: Christmas Hygge

Autumn and Winter 2016 has seen the rise of the Hygge trend in the UK (cue a few Danes rolling their eyes: I know, we don’t say it right and I’m pretty sure our practice of it is far from perfect!), but embracing this concept, to whatever extent sure makes for a contented, peaceful Christmas.

Defined as, amongst other things: A complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle soothing things.

…We are all about that life for the festive period! Bring on the nostalgic Christmas movies, the twinkling fairy lights and give me all the faux fur blankets!

Hygge looks different for everyone, but cultivating a space that soothes your soul and opens your heart is so healing as the year closes and we prepare for everything 2017 has to bring.

Eight: Satin Shirts

Oh. My.

We are OBSESSED. You know when you buy something you’re so excited about that you wear it the day you buy it, and you’ve no sooner worn it before you’re waiting impatiently for it to wash and dry so you can wear it again?

Yeah, that’s me with my new satin shirt.

Perfect for the festive period worn loose enough to conceal your blossoming food-baby bump, and just sassy enough for Christmas day with the grandparents!

With that luxe, shimmering vibe (satin looks so gorgeous in fairy light!) is a firm favourite with us for the Christmas period!

I know these are all a beautiful shade of blush, but I totally went for this khaki number. (Yes, my khaki obsession is still in full swing!)

Nine: Christmas Tipple

Because, of course, we all need something yummy to sip on at Christmas! And these are some of our absolute favourites… Not that I’ve been scouring the Pinterest for alcoholic beverages all week or anything *ahem*…

Whether you’re into super creamy, warming gingerbread flavours, clean vanilla and fig gin vibes or just anything involving Prosecco… Click the images for recipes and enjoy!

I love the minimalism of that blush coloured glass of vanilla bean and fig gin, but who am I kidding? I’m blatantly gonna whip up a vegan version of that decadent gingerbread eggnog!

Ten: Crushed Statements

And lastly, a nostalgic trend for your festive wardrobe to close the year that simply LOVED a nineties throwback!

Crushed velvet, my friends. Oh yes!

Be it a full on hit (think head to toe in a little velvet dress!), or subtle hints (a crushed velvet clutch bag, or ever velvet boots)… This shimmering, fabric is another firm favourite for our holiday attire!

Oh to be cool enough to rock that dress with those boots! Get it girl!

And that’s it, the year’s final 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely! It’s been a joy to bring you guys these posts over the year. I know for many 2016 has been a tough one, but I hope we’ve shed a little light, laughter and loveliness into your Fridays with these ideas.

Have an amazing (AMAZING) weekend guys, and we’ll see you on the flip side! Merry Christmas!


Peace + Love


Clare XO



Wedding beauty on its way!

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