Happy Friday, wonderful people! We’re feeling that morning chill these days, and with the shift in season upon us, the creature comforts that we turn to are starting to shift too. So today you can expect earthy, cosy vibes, remedies for some of the less welcome aspects of this colder season, ways to embrace the last hints of summer, ways to help you get out of bed in the morning (please tell me it’s not just me struggling with this?!), an instagram account for all you #multihyphenates and a read that explores the unexplored when it comes to the life of a woman…

Have I captured you with that rather ambiguous intro?! (Sorry it’s too fun to keep you guessing!) Well you better pour a cup of cosy and get scrolling, friends…


One: Earthen

On a recent trip to south France, I visited a potters workshop and fell in love. The day before, a sister of mine had so eloquently expressed how she adored sipping her morning coffee from her little handleless mug; the energy it exuded, handmade locally, with so much intent, the product of no machine, but someone’s hands…

…Let’s just say she opened my eyes (not for the first time!) to the wonder of something i’d previously passed off as mundane. You better believe I invested in the pieces that called out to be in that little potter’s shop, and have revelled in using them ever since. Find yourself an artist you love (there are so many gorgeous ones on instagram and etsy), invest, and elevate the vessels you use on the daily.

Two: Unwelcome Visitors

Just about the only aspect of this season that I really cannot tolerate: spiders in my house. Can I get an amen?! That said, I equally don’t wish them any harm…

Enter: an easy to make, toxin-free spider repellant! Follow this simple recipe and regularly spritz all your window frames, doors and any cracks or gaps…

  • Add 5-7 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle
  • Fill mostly to the top with warm water
  • Add a squirt of dish soap (eco friendly), place the lid on, and give the mixture a good shake

(Before using, use the hose attachment of your vacuum to suck up old webs and be sure to test on an inconspicuous area first!)

Three: Breakfast Goals

Now, I don’t know about you, but the more we lose the daylight and the cooler the mornings get, the harder it is for me to get my backside into gear (or even out of bed!). My solution? Give myself more than enough fabulous reasons to get up and get going, namely, THIS oil-free chocolate granola recipe.

Super simple (we’re talking 1 bowl, and 10 mins to bake!), it gives me that chocolate fix (and first thing in the morning too – what a start to the day!), while remaining relatively clean, ingredients wise.

Cosy, yummy early-autumn mornings, I’m here for it…

Ps. if you wanna be a little bit more naughty with your recipe choice this is my *weekend* (ha!) choc granola recipe!

Four: See the Season

It’s so easy to start getting bit sluggish around about this time of year, right? And with that, to maybe also recluse into your cosy home, finally admitting that Summer is just about over…

Well, I’m here to give you that annual gentle push outside, to see this beautiful seasonal change, soak up as much vitamin D as possibly can (so great to top yourself up before the weather really changes!) and to get hiking. Find a view, get your heart going as you journey to said view, and then soak it up; the gorgeous colours and the crisp fresh air.

Just be sure to take plenty of hydration (you’ll soon warm up if you’re climbing!), some snacks, and some appropriate footwear! #prepared #britishweather

Five: Now Following

Ok. So I am low-key OBSESSED with @themultihyphenmethod‘s instagram account. Championing all those who don’t subscribe to a single-path career, empowering them (well, us!) in our choices, helping redefine ‘success’ and most importantly reminding us to be kind to ourselves…

In The Multi-Hyphen Method award-winning blogger / social media editor / podcast creator, Emma Gannon, teaches that it doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time PA with a blog, or a nurse who runs an online store in the evenings – whatever your ratio, whatever your mixture, we can all channel our own entrepreneurial spirit to live more fulfilled and financially healthy lives.

The internet and our phones mean we can work wherever, whenever and allows us to design our own working lives. Forget the outdated stigma of being a jack of all trades, because having many strings to your bow is essential to get ahead in the modern working world. We all have the skills necessary to work less and create more, and The Multi-Hyphen Method is the source of inspiration you need to help you navigate your way towards your own definition of success.

Multi-hyphenate. I just love that finally a term has been coined for such multifaceted individuals, never again will you cringe and flounder when asked to condense yourself with the question: ‘So, what do you do?’

Six: Energy Conversion

The seasonal change can often also be a more challenging time for those living with anxiety. Between the reduced daylight hours, and the post-summer blues, many find their anxiety rearing its ugly head… Myself included. Learning your triggers can be a very helpful way to manage anxiety, but even then sometimes it still manages to sneak through, so when I read @theBreathGuy‘s take on this nervous energy and how you might attempt to process it, I was all ears…

He relayed that when feeling anxious, most of us attempt to calm ourselves down with some slow, deep breaths, sound familiar? However, he stated that while ‘calmness is certainly a positive emotion to feel […] the physiological state of calmness in the body is so different to anxiety that it can be very challenging to switch between the two’ …Again, can anyone relate?! I know I can!

So, instead he proposed a different approach: anxiety reframing. Put simply, it’s telling yourself that you are excited, instead of anxious.

‘In both, the heart beats faster, breathing becomes faster, cortisol surges, and the body prepares for action. In other words, they’re “Arousal Congruent.” The only difference is that excitement is a positive emotion‚ focused on all the ways something could go well while anxiety is a negative emotion, focused on all the ways something could go badly.’

…While, of course, calmness is a low-arousal state meaning it takes a lot more effort for most people to transport their body to this state when feeling anxious. For me, this conversion often translates as getting super pumped and heading out for a run if I’m feeling anxious, and so far I’ve found the transformation of energy to be very effective.

Of course, it doesn’t have to involve physical action, but can be a mental focus on transferring the setting around your nervous energy from negative to positive.

Seven: Now Reading

Fascinating. That’d be the single word I’d use to describe this ground-breaking book.

In Motherhood, Sheila Heti asks what is gained and what is lost when a woman becomes a mother, treating the most consequential decision of early adulthood with the candor, originality, and humor […] Motherhood is a courageous, keenly felt, and starkly original novel that will surely spark lively conversations about womanhood, parenthood, and about how—and for whom—to live.

This novel looks deeply at motherhood vs. societal expectation, motherhood vs. feminism, and motherhood vs. art. A fascinating read, and thank god a woman is finally talking about this ‘other’ possibility for our gender.

Even if you know you want children as some point in life, this exploration of the ‘other’ possibility is well worth a read.

Eight: Olive

As the weather begins to cool off, and we return home from our vacations (where, certainly in Europe, the water was so much softer!) I often find my skin, and particularly my hands, starting to dry out.

…And then I found this little gem in my local Holland & Barrett’s! With only two ingredients (the main one being pure olive oil!), at sub-£3, and in a biodegradable cardboard box… It’s the eco soap of your dreams, that won’t dry you out! Here’s to soft, moisturised hands all year round!

Eight: Just Peachy

As we journey into to mid-late September (*nervously checks calendar* can that really be true?!) we’re also heading towards the end of peach season. Now, as far as I’m concerned, not only is the peach one of the best emojis, but with it’s soft rosy skin, and juicy amber flesh it’s not only really on trend (colour wise!), but a seasonal fruit to very much revel in.

This potassium and fibre-rich fruit is at its very best right now, so be sure to get ’em while you can and delight in those last juicy moments of summer…

Ten: Seeded Sleep

Pillow talk: have you heard about the trend for buckwheat pillows?!

Yup. It’s a thing, and getting a good, restful night’s sleep can be key at this time of year (I mean its always key, but hey) to help you feel refreshed and vibrant on those chillier, darker mornings.

Used in japan for centuries, this ‘miracle’ pillow is heralded for its ability to mould itself to your head and neck (thanks to the hulls that move around easily inside the pillow case), providing relief of neck pain and aligning your spine.

It’s also meant to stay nice and cool, meaning that your head also stays cool which, according to oriental medicine, is an important aspect of human health.

Flowing with the seasons; making the most of all that Summer has left to offer, while embracing the autumn changes too… And breeeaathe!

Have a gorgeous weekend, loves, and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO

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