Your festival wedding; it’s going to be completely beautiful and utterly you – a little bit “make it up as you go” and a whole lot of personality. You chose a festival wedding over a traditional one, because you have the freedom to fill it with your own free spirited vision. This is your dream wedding right? No way will you confirm, and quite right too!

Although your wedding will be unique to you, when it comes to the detail there are definitely a few things that epitomise this particular style. Bunting and watering cans come as standard… so how can you take it to the next level?

If you are a bride about to embark on your very own festival wedding adventure, here are 10 ideas to kick start your creativity.  Read on and see what it takes your festival fancy!

1. Festoon string lights

Tea lights will make your venue light up like a thousand stars. However, we currently love Festoon lights. These outdoor string lights look like the sort of lights you get at a circus- how fun! They look stunning hanging from trees or used to light up a walkway to your venue and can usually be bought or hired from your tipi or marquee company

2. Dried flower crowns and feathered headpieces

Headbands are always very popular but there are some dreamy dried wild flower ones around that are just gorgeous. Perfect if you want to look like you have just run barefoot through a wildflower meadow (well…nobody needs to know you spent the whole morning doing your hair in your hotel- do they?) Take a look at English flower farmer over on Etsy or Not On The High Street.

Psst..If you are feeling really daring, a dramatic feathered headpiece will really help you make an entrance!

3. Hay bales

If you have hired a field, have a friendly word with the owner and see if you can bag some hay bales. You can usually get plenty at around £5 a pop. Cover them with rugs or even make them into armchairs and voila- lots of extra seating on the cheap.

4. Dream catchers

The longer the better and make sure you get them in all different sizes if you do. They look particularly effective hanging from trees or hung up behind your top table.

5. Green plants…and lots of them

Make like a woodland nymph and get down in and amongst lots of lush green foliage. Aside from looking incredible, hanging greens, such as ivy and ferns are incredibly cost effective. Greens are a great way to bring your venue to life and make it look “decorated” whilst reflecting the natural beauty of the wild outdoors. Hang from a plank, wrap around tipi poles or drape around the back of your chair.

6. Handmade signs

Neat is not necessary, but having fun your sign is essential. What can your guests expect? What can they discover later in the evening? Let people know just how much you want them to have fun!

7. A different kind of photobooth

Photobooths come in many different forms, from standard booths to cute caravans. But how about opting for something like a hanging mirror frame or a wall of wallpaper as a makeshift booth instead?

8. Chill out areas

For when your guests want to relax with a beer or when you want to just stop for a moment and take it all in. Perhaps a mini tipi for the kids? Moroccan poufs and ethnic rugs? All lit up with fairly lights and lanterns – of course!

9. Ribbon garlands

DIY one yourself from old rags if you have the time. Your rag ribbon garland can be added to the front of your top table or strung up behind as a stunning back drop.

10. Macrame wall hangers

Macrame was very popular in the 70s and is currently having a bit of a moment. Search Instagram and its full of houseplants dangling from knotted rope plant hangers just like your parents had in the 70s. We aren’t saying add a Macrame owl or but a plant hanger but a Macrame wall hanging is bound to add a really interesting 70s vibe to your venue. 

This has been a guest post by Fran of lifestyle blog The Style Creative. Discover more inspiration with her 6 tips on how to style a boho wedding.

Image Credits (top to bottom): Darina Stoda + The Little Lending; Boho weddings and lifeNatasha Cadman Photography; A Style Creative; Brit Morin; Hard To Find; via NoubaDarina Stoda + The Little Lending Company


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Hi I’m Fran, I’m a vintage fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Yorkshire.

In August 2016, I got married to my best friend Derek in a teepee in a field. Creating my own wedding was certainly an experience; completely amazing, often difficult but utterly rewarding. It uncovered a love for festival weddings that ran deeper than I ever imagined. I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to be able to share my thoughts and tips on festival brides with you all.

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