As the days are growing darker and the temperature is really beginning to drop, I thought we could all do with a big dose of colour to brighten up these moody winter days and what better way to do this than with a bunch of flowers! I’m also a little flower obsessed at the moment as I’ve been set homework by the lovely Katherine from Florist in The Forest to put together a mood board for my bouquet and wedding flowers!

So whilst doing as I’m told, I’ve ended up putting together about 10 mood boards (I told you I was obsessed) of all the many different colours, shapes and styles of bouquets that I’m personally loving at the moment, in the hope that they bring you inspiration for your bouquets. Unfortunately, I’ve still not managed to start my own flower mood board yet – I got a little distracted in writing this post……….dedication to the cause!

The beauty of the bouquet is that really anything goes. There’s no rule book so you have free reign to go as wild or as structured as you like! Posy’s seem to have overtaken the traditional structured bouquet, giving the effect of a bunch of flowers rather than an oasis arrangement that sits in a holder. I personally prefer the posy as they appear natural and the flowers seem to have more movement even when they’ve been tied tightly.

As I’ve ended up with 10 moodboards, I’ve split this post into two parts so you get a double dose of flower gorgeousness over the next two days!

Loose Posies in Muted Brights

I do love the wild nature of the posies in the first two moodboards – flowers that look like they’ve just been scooped up from a beautiful wild flower meadow! There’s something very free spirited about this type of posy and they always look perfect in the hand of a  bohemian bride.

Image Credits 1. Belathee 2.Caught The Light 3. Kimberly Hurst 4. Loreta Blog 5. via Ruffled Blog

Posies in Natural Pink and Pastel Tones

I always think soft pinks are the perfect accompaniment for a vintage wedding. The colour oozes romance and if you are a lady with a bit of a girly streak then these colours are perfect.

I love the first two images in the first mood board where the florist has mixed pastel pink flowers with wild thistles and grass – just lovely!

Image Credits 1. Alea Lovely 2. Elizabeth Messina 3. Melisaa McCrotty 4. Jenny Kim Photography

Image Credts: 1. Brosnan Photographic 2. KT Merry 3. Schnack Studios 4. Ruffled Blog 5. Sweet Monday 6. Ruffled Blog 7. Lavara Wedding Photography 8. Adam Barnes Photo 9. Ruffled Blog 10. Raya Carlisle 11. Jessica Lorren  12. Jaclyn Davis 13. Kellan Studios 14. n barrett Photography

Mellow Yellow Posies

Yellow flowers never fail to brighten even the moodiest of hearts! As soon as you see the bouquets below, you think of the sunshine and I love that!

This colour is perfect for a spring wedding or summer wedding.

Image Credits 1. Heather Curiel 2. Love My Dress 3. Candice Benjamin 4. Via Pinterest 5. Inspired By This 6. Candice Benjamin 7. Hello Studios

White Posies with a hint of pastel colour

Simple and classic – a pure white bouquet with just a hint of colour can look absolutely stunning. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can have the most affect…….

Image Credits 1. Ethan Yang 2. Our Labor of Love 3 & 4. Ruffled Blog 5. We Love Pictures 6. Bamber Photography

Part two will be on the blog tomorrow peeps and it is full of alternative ideas for your bouquet and some bright colours.

I think I may have to go and find myself a wild flower meadow and go a picking!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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