35What up!

Well, welcome back, guys! As this is your first trend post of 2015, we thought we’d play a little game of Mystic Meg as we help you predict and navigate those looks set to be the hottest for the coming year.

Enter your BFF… Bridal Fashion Forecast!

Whether it’s a daring, shapely sheer or a bit of Solange- induced minimalism (more on that here), we’re looking at some of the most out-there looks for the alternative 2015 bride.

Prepare to swoon, be inspired and maybe even have your mind blown!

But first, let’s go back to basics…

Cotton is Cool

SO, if you haven’t seen the new Daisy by Marc Jacobs TV ad you totally should.

Seriously though, it’ll blow those cold, January blues away, like instantly!

OK, back to the task-in-hand: we’re talking beautifully simple, lightweight cotton dresses, ultra-natural hair, glowing skin and just an overall more casual, nonchalant look…

734That’s right, anything BUT try hard!

Y’all need to think loose-fitting, all white dresses with simple embellishments, paired with ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ hair.

Like, seriously, has a bedhead ever looked hotter?!

It’s youthful innocence, fresh-faced and refreshingly different, perfect for a spring/summer meadow ceremony.

Amongst others, the ad stars model Ondria Hardin, who praised the “natural, airy” feel of the film, as the models dance through streams and sit amongst daisies in these almost night-dress-like pieces.

8 10Left: Vogue  Right: The Greyest Ghost

5 6It’s beyond perfect and just oozes inspiration for brides, bridesmaids, photography, lounge areas and flowers for the summer weddings of 2015.

Take a look at this behind the scenes video with director Sofia Coppola to get a good close look at the natural, dewy makeup, loosely tied locks and stunningly simple dresses from the ad.

And well, just because DAISIES. Oh, the daisies!

2930…And, of course, what better to pair with these humble, cotton gowns than bare feet!?

Sheer Like Sienna

Now, for something a little lot more daring!

I’ve had this post brewing in my mind for a while and I’ve been totally picking up on all kinds of inspiration to write it, but when I spied this image of the ever-amazing muse that is Sienna Miller at the NY premiere of American Sniper I was like:

‘Wait, what?! STOP. THE. PRESS’

I mean, seriously…

18Ok, ok, so let’s get real here: it’s Sienna.

…She’d look friggin’ fabulous in a set of Dickies, so of course she can pull this off.

Here’s the twist though, I’m SO certain that this look could work on a number of figures if y’all can muster up the courage!

That densely patterned (and thus not as sheer as you first thought) skirt, paired with the high-waist of the brief is the key to making this look flattering, as well as the balance that the long sleeve gives to the amount of skin being shown and that to-die-for (and SO on trend) off-the-should neckline.

It’s super feminine, totally rock and roll and very devil may care…


19132I’ve quite literally never seen anything like it, and for that reason alone, we’d LOVE to see one of you (our incredibly gorgeous, original and daring free-spirited brides) rock a little sheer number this year!

22Note that in every instance, this style of dress is paired with a very simple, minimally strapped heeled sandal in a nude or white and that cropped or ‘lob’ length hair works AMAZINGLY with this style.

Enough said. This is what I’d be wearing to get married this year.

The Minimal Movement

Oh, Solange. How you’ve inspired us minimalists to come out of our (completely white, untextured) shells and embrace our true simple, clean cut selves!

Ladies, the minimalist force is STRONG for 2015 and, whelp, it’s pretty simple to ace this look!

1312Clean lines, flowing, un-embellished fabrics and crisp shades of white allow for the simplest of details to make a real impression.

Whether it’s purely the beautifully sharp lines of the dress’ open back, or its delicate waist tie, or even the sweet antique watch you’ve chosen to accessorise with… A minimalist dress lets you choose what to make the focus point of your look.

You wear the dress; don’t let your gown overwhelm you.

We love loose fits, with tiered effects, stand up collars (we’re seriously huge on the collar trend, read more on that here), or plunging necklines (another nod to Solange).

Seriously, elegant stuff…

16 17Left: Fancy Lauren  Right: Zaid Affas

151420Come on though! The darting and waist tie on that last dress are just BEYOND!

Boho For Like. Ever.

What else?!

Of course boho is still a major hit for 2015 (you didn’t think we’d miss that out did you?!) and the shapes and detailing of these hippie gowns are getting increasingly adventurous and unique.

Heavily patterned, almost broderie anglaise style lace is set to be big, with separates still proving very popular (do you remember we wrote about that emerging trend back in Feb of last year?! Whelp, it’s set to peak this summer!) and loosely cut, floor length skirts paired with bare feet are a must for the boho bride.

21232425For laid back, free-spirited vibes, you really cannot go wrong with a bohemian style gown. I wore one on my wedding day and it proved to be everything I’d hoped for… Not least, super comfy and effortless to wear!

Tulle and ‘ting

Haha, ok so don’t freak out on me.

The word ‘Tulle’ might strike a chord of horro in the alternative bride, for fear of looking like a little like a Disney princess…

However, the when the fashion goddess that is Olivia Palermo wed her beau in June last year, she gave tulle a whole new, super chic revamp.

34I mean!

Pairing a simple long sleeved knit with a full, dip hemmed skirt… For your wedding?! This girl is a genius!

And so a star birthed another trend that we’re just gagging to see emulated by our free-spirited brides.

I think this trend is a much-needed and well executed reminder to simply wear what you makes you comfortable (and what makes you feel like a goddamn QUEEN) on your wedding day.

9 11Left: Bramble Wood Fashion  Right: Brides

26 28Left: Pretty Designs  Right: Maiden Sydney

27Plus, HELLO?!

Milkmaid braids, paired with knee-length tulle and jewelled heels!? It’s beyond adorable and would make a totally original wedding ensemble.


31…And yes, balloons. Always pair this look with balloons.

Collared Class

Last but not least, the eagle-eyed bride to be might have spotted this little trend just peeping into the wedding scene of late. Very much on the edge of the bridal fashion world (I reckon they think the world’s not ready for it yet.. Er, WRONG!) is the shirt-style collar.

Can you see it? Just sitting pretty in the back of that shot, waiting to be noticed?

2I can hear y’all now…

‘Aha, sure. ‘Cos I wanna look like I’m headed to high school or, worse, the office on my wedding day!’

Ladies. When worn right (a.k.a. paired with a swooping side parting, a light, loose flowing skirt and sleeves, and KILLER accessories) the collar is set to be the ultimate cool-girl bridal statement.

Case. In. Point.

33Those shoes though. Somebody buy find me those shoes!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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