6 Sassy is the word

…Good, glad we’ve established that! Now, happy Wednesdays gorgeous gals (and guys!)

So, incase the rather alliterative and extensive title wasn’t self explanatory enough, today we are taking the chill off for our winter/early spring brides with the sleeve solution.

I’m including myself in this analysis, but I think many brides fear the sleeved option when it comes to their dress, for fear of being a little too covered up, maybe, dare I say it, even a tad frumpy…

Whelp, I include myself when I say: HOW WRONG WE WERE.

There is quite simply nothing cooler than a bride that rocks a sleeved gown and it most certainly isn’t a one-sleeve-fits-all scenario… There are so many super sassy, ridiculously cool ways to own this trend and we’re gonna take a peek at some of our seasonal favourites.

So without any further ado, prepare to SWOON…

9711They’re like SHUT UP-cool though, right?!

Now, you’ll probably look at some of these sleeves and be all like: ‘Yuhuh, sure Clare! There’s no way that’s gonna keep me warm’

Truth is, you’re right.

I’m no miracle worker, a chiffon or sheer lace sleeve won’t keep off that winter chill. HOWEVER, covering your shoulders and upper arm will aid in reducing the chill factor for sure and also means that, should you find yourself freezing during that beautiful rustic barn ceremony, there won’t be a goose-pimple in sight…

…Just need a solution for the chattering teeth mid-vows now, right?!

Intricate Arms

First up, there is a major trend that’s rolled straight on through from this summer. and is still pounding a massive punch in the bridal style world: the delicately detailed sleeve.

Closely fitted throughout, the lace or chiffon sleeve is adorned from shoulder to wrist with embellishment and pattern.

We love the sheer element of these sleeves; those gorgeous arms are still visible, simply underneath a layer of pure decadence.

I mean…

35a bLeft: Temperley at Shopbop  Left: Chic Vintage Brides81217221020The split detail on that last cuff?

I. Can’t. Even.

Feminine Romance

So, these sleeves are totally inspired by Valentino’s Spring 2013 couture line. In the words of Vogue, when describing the designer’s inspiration: ‘[they looked] at the idea of formal and secret gardens, with mazes, ancient mosaics, and romantic flower plantings’, as Maria Grazia Chiuri stated: ‘We really wanted to create a dream… Something really fantastic, magic, fairy tale.’

…Errrr, kinda NAILED IT.

Think Shakespearean goddesses, with the amazingly on-trend short stand up collar (Yes, I know it’s not 2013 anymore, but this neckline is seriously rising in popularity right now!) and add a huge dose of ivory-on-ivory gorgeousness…

Seriously, its a D-REAM.

14212131516That hem length too… So beaut, and it totally doesn’t get enough good press. We LOVE.

Ethereal, almost Edwardian elegance and stunningly original. PERFECT for the Winter bride.

Elbow Length Elegance

The ever-practical ‘three-quarter length’ sleeve.

Yawn, right?

Wrong! Think flared and almost cape-like or SUPER flattering, lace-edged fitted arms…

4242523Fringe, neckline, sheer cobwebbed fabric AND a cape style sleeve?!  We totally cannot handle that dress. SO dang good!

Just add Sparkle

I mean, duh?!

Of course, as y’all know, this mantra will always resound in our heads!

In fact, it’s constantly being piped through the speakers in FBrides HQ, like they’re tryna brain wash us or something.

No I’m kiddin’… Kind of.

ANYWAY, brainwashed or not, it’s a fail-safe every time and the sleeved gown is no exception…

191a bLeft: The Hunt  Right: Eliapan18Errr, can we talk about the fact that the last dress is by H&M?!

I KNOW, RIGHT?! #Gimmie

Haha, from Valentino to H&M in one fell swoop… Only on Festival Brides!

Feeling the chill? Sleeves are the answer, ladies.

Peace + Love,

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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