Hello and, just when you thought you’d opened all your Christmas presents, we’re here with this feature! Wear Your Love launch their stunning new collection, Wildflowers, today and because we’re pretty much head over heels for these designs, we just had to bring it to you RIGHT NOW! So, without further festive ado, let’s hand over to Jillian Leigh, Founder & Creative Director of Wear Your Love, who can tell us more…

Tell us a little about Wear Your Love…

Wear Your Love is a Northern California based bridal brand whose ethos centers around the free-spirited expression of natural beauty. We offer our wedding dresses directly to our clients, only through our online boutique, and each dress is handmade in our studio, by a dedicated team who shares decades of combined experience in design, pattern-making, and garment construction. Every dress is made-to-measure, creating a custom pattern for each bride, so that her dress is made to not only her exact size, but also her unique body shape. We love waking up in the morning to create soft, luxurious, comfortable, and ravishing gowns, and we think our passion shows in our imaginative designs, and their quality.

What got you into designing wedding dresses?

From my earliest bridal day-dreams I envisioned my wedding as the entwinement of sacred, intimate and soul-connecting ceremony, with ravishing celebration in kick-your-heels-up and shout-from-the-rooftop style. Inspired by brilliantly romantic young loves I dreamed of a wedding that would in some magical way express the rhapsody of experiencing true and unbound love. In the glorious profundity of nature and in the farthest reaches of vividly imagined fantasy, my creative essence came to life in my wedding visions and I imagined a bridal style that embodies the spirit of the mermaid, the goddess, and the nymph, with effortless femininity.

After years of being maid-of-honor and bridesmaid, I discovered that there is a major obstacle standing between the euphoric free-spirited wedding celebration I had in mind and the reality for most brides: the traditional wedding dress. That stiff look that has come to dominate the bridal shop appointments and endless fittings, is unforgivably miserable to wear. How is a woman supposed to hold and be held, dance and laugh, kick her heels up, and shout from the roof; how is she supposed to feel at home beside her partner, and embody her most elegant beauty, when she doesn’t feel like herself in her wedding dress?

What I seek to share with brides everywhere is a vision of weddings that centers around a bride who feels her most amazing. She has the freedom to dance, laugh, eat, drink and be blissfully happy. She is present, buoyant, and at ease as she embarks on her path with her partner. She gracefully dances through each moment as she creates forever-memories with the person she wants to hold and be held by, the person she is absolutely at home beside, with full abandon, bliss, and joy.

How would you describe your style?

The Wear Your Love style centers around unique lace patterns and lush fabric textures. We celebrate modern bohemian design components like long lace sleeves, fringe-like eyelash lace trimmings, and low-scooped or open V backs. Our designs marry a timeless sense of elegance, with bold and romantic details.

You’re just launching your new collection. Tell us EVERYTHING!

Wildflowers is our fourth collection, and was born from an innate infatuation with the natural beauty that we are so lucky to experience on this spectacular planet. In my mind, my job at Wear Your Love is to translate the wild natural beauty I see in the world around me, and that I feel in my soul, into wearable pieces of art which share that perception of beauty with others. That is the job of an artist, in any medium, and that is the goal of the Wildflowers Collection. And, in keeping with our commitment to sustainable fashion, dresses are lined in organic cotton, for a truly luxurious wearing experience.

What are your favourite pieces in the new collection?

The Indigo dress represents the perfectly imperfect, effortlessly feminine, naturally chic style we most whole-heartedly espouse. Indigo combines a plunge sweetheart neckline, and a statement open back with an all-over lace look that exudes charm and poise. If I were choosing a dress for myself though, it would probably be Starla. The Starla gown is made for the truly unconventional bride who dances to the beat of her own drum and who requires a wedding dress that is truly unforgettable. Starla celebrates individualistic design with its glorious geometric patterned stretch lace and magical silhouette.

How do you go about designing a collection?

Designing a collection is one part eyes-closed day-dreaming, one part draping new fabrics all over every surface in the studio, and one part collaborating with the brilliant design team I’ve been lucky enough to assemble and work with on a daily basis.

What’s your favourite part of designing your gowns?

Seeing a new gown on a person for the first time is definitely the highlight of my job.

What do brides need to consider when they’re choosing a wedding dress?

In my mind the most important thing to consider when choosing a wedding dress is, how do I want to feel on my wedding day? Do I want to feel sleek and elegant? Playful and flirtatious? Do I want to feel like a celestial goddess? Or a flower child? I know I want to feel comfortable! Will I be comfortable showing more skin or less?

I want our brides to feel beautiful and natural in their dresses; like the fabric is an extension of the experience of being true to themselves and truly in love.

Where can brides find your dresses? How can they shop the collection?

We offer our dresses direct to our brides, exclusively through our online boutique.

Can you sum up what makes your new collection so special in five words?

Made for the inspired soul.

If you could go to any festival at all, which one would you choose and why?

I dream of going to Ozora festival so that I can play and dance in the wide-open fields and frolic on the rolling hills, like the wild child I am at heart.

Finally, what’s your life motto?

Do the best I can to make world around me a little kinder, and a little more beautiful.

Wow! Thank you so much Jillian, we’re definitely in love right now. To find out more about Wildflowers and to shop the collection, just visit the Wear Your Love website. What are you waiting for?!

Image credits: Austin Ftacnik Photography


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