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A Guest Post by Chelsea Ellsworth

There’s plenty to think about when planning a wedding. As well as choosing a dress and selecting a venue, you will also need a reliable and dedicated bridal party to help you understand who does what on your big day – here’s a rundown of all the major players you need to select and organise.

One – Maid of honour

The maid of honour plays an extremely important role at a traditional wedding. Not only does she provide emotional support for the bride on the day of the wedding, she also helps with pre-marital preparations such as picking out a wedding dress and arranging a hen do or bridal shower.

The selected individual will also have a host of other essential duties like helping the bride to get dressed, holding her train down the aisle, arranging the train at the altar, signing the marriage license and perhaps taking care of the groom’s wedding ring.

The maid of honour is usually a close family member of the bride’s best friend. The bride may also choose a man of honour if she has a special male in her life.

Two – Best Man

The best man is similar to the maid of honour in that he is the groom’s personal aide offering help and advice throughout the preparation process – and providing moral support on the big day.
The best man should be a councillor, a fashion guru, a top bachelor party organiser and a confident speech giver. He will also be responsible for getting the groom to the wedding venue on time, signing the marriage license and taking care of the bride and groom’s rings. It’s the best man’s job to keep hold of the wedding bands from Diamonds Factory until the moment he is called to produce them during the ceremony.

Again, the best man is usually a close relative of the groom or his best friend.

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Three – Bridesmaids

Following a marriage proposal and during the planning stages, the bride-to-be usually asks several of her closest friends and family members to be her bridesmaids. As a support team for the bride, bridesmaids are required to help with tasks such as choosing a wedding gown and will attend dress fittings themselves to make sure they look immaculate on the big day. Bridesmaids typically walk down the aisle behind the bride and are there to keep the bride and her guests as happy as possible.

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Four – Groomsmen

The groomsmen are a posse of male friends and relatives that will help the best man to plan a top stag weekend and make sure he turns up at the wedding venue in one piece. Like the bridesmaids, groomsmen also have a host of other responsibilities such as decorating the wedding car, pouring drinks, showing people to their table for the wedding breakfast, making speeches and keeping the party going during the evening.

Five – Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Many couples also decide to have a ring bearer on their big day. This is typically a young boy who walks down the aisle before the bride carrying a small decorative pillow with two rings (these are usually pretend rings to prevent them from getting lost). The happy couple may also select a flower girl – a youngster who walks down the aisle just after the ring bearer, throwing petals onto the ground. Most children sit with their parents after they’ve finished their important role.

Six – Father of the Bride/Father of the Groom

Traditionally, the father of the bride will fund the wedding –  although this isn’t set in stone these days. His main role is, in fact, to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away. While the father of the groom isn’t usually given a specific job, he should be suited and booted ready to meet and greet the entourage of guests attending the wedding. Both individuals will sit on the top table and could be asked to make a speech.

Who-Should-You-Be-Selecting-For-Your-Bridal- Party

Seven – Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom

The mother of the bride is usually heavily involved with wedding prep – particularly if she has a close relationship with her daughter. As well as offering fashion advice and helping with the guest list, she will attend the hen do and rehearsal dinner. She may also give a speech. The mother of the groom may also play a significant role, but this depends how well she knows the bride and what tasks are allocated to her. At the very least she will attend the wedding in her best attire.

Eight – Authorised Person

To be legally married, a UK marriage ceremony must be performed by an authorised person such as a vicar, a priest, or a registrar. The wedding also needs to be witnessed by at least two people, so before you tie the knot, it’s essential to read up on the rules and regulations and to have the right people in place to make your wedding legit.

When it comes to selecting a bridal party, there are sure to be people who will slip into each role naturally – but it’s worth taking your time to decide on the right individuals.

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