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Today, I’m gonna be flying a flag and raising my protest sign with this one simple statement for all brides-to-be: White is an Option. Now, if I were you, I’d run a mile at this point in the article, for fear of an array of rainbow coloured dresses that I might have waiting in the wings; somethings just shouldn’t be messed with, right? Brides should just wear white, right? Wrong. If white just isn’t your colour, if it washes your complexion out, or it just doesn’t suit you, here at Festival Brides we’ve broken down our favourite ways to embrace this trend for 2014. Not a bright rainbow display, but 3 subtle concepts: the Golden Girl, the 2014  Nude and the sea-grown shades of Mermaid Tones. So, no need to panic, boho brides, we’re keeping it chic, sophisticated and oh-so cool.

Golden Girl

Inspired by the Lane’s most recent real wedding, Richard and Jacqui, we were reminded of just how incredibly striking an entirely sequinned gold dress can be. Working especially well for red heads and brunettes, a deep yellow gold dress, paired with a smokey eye and rich berry lip is a seroiusly rad statement in almost any setting. The shimmering gold tones prove a beautiful contrast against a natural, outdoor backdrop as well as proving equally divine set in an indoor venue. Work a simply palette alongside your dress, embracing either sultry berry tones for your maids, or even a super chic array of  short black bridesmaid dresses. Your maids will only thank you for choosing a sassy LBD for them! It’s a super chic, deep sultry summer palette – no pastel shades here thank you very much!

And just incase you’re concerned as to how your golden gown will come across in black and white shots; have no fear the texture and shine of the sequins is just insane. Par exemple…



G 2






The 2014 Nude

We are in love with shades of nude, and this trend is huge for 2014 and right into 2015 also. So, how to go for a nude gown without looking: a) just like any other guest and b) like you showed up naked. Well, the 2014 answer is to add a layer of ornate, shape defining white lace over your nude coloured slip – et violà, you get a gown that’s a subtly original statement, a gentle step away from the all white gown and only the chicest thing I’ve ever seen! You can go as subtle as you like with this trend, a hint of nude just peeping through layers of sheer white, or a distinctive white lace design in contrast with the deeper shade of nude, either way it’s incredible.

One of our favourite designers, Rue De Seine, is leading the way in this trend with their ‘Young Love’ Collection. One of the most prominent uses of pretty lace over a nude slip, it’s a kind of faux reveal that gives it that edgy boho vibe, whilst remaining effortlessly pretty and romantic. They’ve also reversed this style, with their entirely nude Dahlia gown, enhancing its gorgeous tone with heavy white beaded adornment. We are just majorly lusting over every single one…

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.52.07

N1 N7 N5 N2 N3 N6 N4 N8

If that isn’t grown-up, sophisticated colour, I don’t know what is! Just chic, so chic.

Mermaid Tones

Those mischievous, mythical creatures, Mermaids scream sexy, sultry and oh-so tempting and they’re a major trend for 2014. Now, there’s no need to resort to Disney’s Ariel as your go-to imagery, we’re talking muted sea foam, an almost dirty shade of seabed mauve and silver embellishment in abundance. It’s elegantly feminine, a delicately subdued palette that demands a heavy dose of texture to truly bring it to life. Beach festival perfect, it’s equal measures of sophistication and playfulness, suggesting an almost impish charm.

Pair these sea inspired gowns with ‘mermaid waves’: loose, long dishevelled locks with plenty of salty texture and dark nails to enhance that sense of mischievous siren. These hues work incredibly for blondes and brunettes alike, as well as those with a paler complexion who might be left looking a little washed out in a white fabric. Mermaids: swoon.

MT 1 MT 3 MT 7 MT 2 MT 4 MT 5 MT 6

The Ultimate Statement

Of course, if this is all still a little too light in colour for you, the ultimate statement is of course a black gown. If done right, a black gown can be the most incredibly strikingly look. There are a few keys to getting this right, and most of them revolve around fabric: employ multiple layers of sheer, soft chiffons so the shade of black gentle grows on the skin, helping you avoid a look that’s too stark. You might also want to try matte fabrics, cottons with maybe a subtle embroidery anglaise to revert the look away from anything too glamourous, and toward a softer, rustic country feel. Pair dark dresses with soft, unstructured hair, light natural make up and delicate blooms and jewels to keep this look refined, delicate and feminine.

The main key of course is to just go with it! Be your free spirited self and wear what you’re comfortable in, what suits you. Black will always be a firm favourite in our wardrobes, so why the hell not on our wedding day? In the words of Robert Leev, ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.’


Much love,

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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