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So let’s talk wedding films. Are you considering one? Have you already booked a videographer? Are you thinking of booking one? Wedding films are one of those things that many couples would love to have but often put quite low on the priority list. This can be for many different reasons but usually the main one is cost. Weddings are already so expensive and booking a videographer is an additional expense that some couples just can’t justify and even deem as unnecessary. And that’s a shame. A real shame. And here is why…..

You won’t want to think about this now but there will come the time when the first dance has been danced, the champagne has been drunk and the confetti has been swept away. That amazing wedding high that has left you with the biggest smile, will eventually start to fade and your wedding will become a dazzling whirl of a memory fluttering in your hearts.

But why should those memories stop there. What if you could relive them, time and time again exactly as they happened. The look on your husband’s face as you walked down the aisle, the way your dress moved in the wind, the speeches, the party, the crazy dancing by the best man – all of those wonderful moments captured and relived as if they only happened yesterday.

It’s only after getting married that I really appreciated the importance of having a wedding video. I honestly cherish mine even more than I do my wedding photos because it takes me back to the day exactly as it happened in a way wedding photos just can’t. Jane of Jane Louise Films tell us this isn’t uncommon….

You’d be surprised how often couples tell me the exact same thing!  Photos are amazing, they’re what sit on your mantelpiece and hang in your hallways, a constant glimpse of a moment you never want to forget. But the thing about a wedding video is that it brings those memories back to life. And it’s something that sadly all too many couples only appreciate after their big day when it’s too late.

As part of our Festival Brides Love series, we asked Jane to explain the importance of wedding films and why they should be on every couples priority list.

To Film or not to film, That is The Question….

Words By Jane Louise Films

Time and time again, not having a wedding videographer is reported to be couples’ number 1 regret after their wedding day. According to the UK Wedding Report 2018, two thirds of couples hire a photographer with only 16% hiring a videographer.  But that number is on the rise.

I think people are beginning to realise the importance of having a wedding video especially as they’re becoming more widely seen with the help of social media. If someone told you right now, would you like to see a video from your parents’ wedding day in full audio and colour – be able to see and hear them, young, healthy and in love, along with all of their family… perhaps even your great grandparents when they were alive… would you be excited about this? It’s amazing seeing photos of them yes, but imagine seeing them move and hearing their speeches! The thing about video is that it brings those memories to life in a way that nothing else can, giving you a unique time capsule of the biggest day of your life. And it benefits those who haven’t even been born yet – what a lovely gift to share with your grandchildren years from now.

Anna Chris Extended Highlights Film HD from Jane Beeley on Vimeo.

“Videographer” hasn’t historically had its own line in the typical wedding budget.

Only recently has the technology capable of creating cinema-screen-worthy wedding films become widely available and affordable. Despite this, sadly it’s still seen as an “add-on”, the one at the bottom of the list that can be scrapped if necessary.  People don’t feel it’s a priority; they say they’ll have one ‘if they have money leftover’…  WHO has money leftover!

There are a number of misconceptions and concerns about wedding videos that probably lead people to bumping it down to the bottom of the list.  Here’s a round up of my top 7:


One: “They’re Expensive”

The price range for videographers is similar to that for photographers by and large. Rest assured that whatever your budget, there will be something that’s perfect for you. Whether it’s a £500 highlights film or a full 30 minute feature, ceremony, speeches and trailer edits with drone shots for £2,000+; there’s something in-between for everyone. The post production process for video is very time intensive and generally speaking, for every 1 day your photographer edits your photos, your videographer will spend 4 days editing your video. Despite this, often they’re not proportionally more expensive, I’d say generally speaking if you want a videographer of the equivalent experience/quality as that of your photographer you should expect to pay at least the same amount.

Check out Paul and Emily’s film – they paid £1,200 for theirs:

Paul and Emily from Jane Beeley on Vimeo.


Two – “They’re cheesy”

You might have seen old wedding films that adopt cheesy editing techniques with Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” belted out over the top, but long gone are these days!  Modern videographers use professional filming techniques and cinematic editing techniques to create beautiful films that are everything but.  Of course every videographer has their own style and you should choose one whose style is perfect for you.  I actually get my couples to select where they are on a sliding scale from ‘ultimate romantic’ to ‘quirky, fresh and upbeat’ to influence my song choices and editing style.  Wherever you sit on the scale my goal is still always to bring about all the feels when you watch it back.

Have a look at Lauren and Ian’s video which is middle of the scale:

Lauren and Ian from Jane Beeley on Vimeo.


Three – “I can just get my friend to film it”

This is true! – and is certainly better than nothing if you seriously can’t afford a videographer.  A professional however has all the kit required to deliver stable, crisp, HD, in-focus footage and clear audio of your speeches and ceremony along with the technical experience to edit it into a beautifully crafted story of your day. They also have the experience to know how to get the best shots and work closely with your photographer and other suppliers to ensure they’re always where they need to be to capture all the elements of the day.  It’s these films that’ll stand the test of time and be a joy to watch back for years to come.  There’s a reason my couples regularly say it’s the best money they spent from their wedding budget!


Four – “They get in the way”

All videographers work differently and there are certainly some that pride themselves on having a 4-person team running around with headphones, huge shoulder rig cameras and installing lights and cranes.  I am the total opposite to this and film like a fly on the wall – I try to be as unobtrusive as possible and film discreetly with a smaller kit set up so as not to distract and get in the way of your guests.  I don’t sacrifice any quality though doing this; I still have a 3 camera set up for your speeches and ceremony for example, but I will always try to impact minimally on anything going on – after all, I am there to capture your day as it naturally unfolds.


Five – They’ll order me around and tell me how to pose

I film in a reportage style meaning I capture what I see, such that my film reinforces your real memories of the day.  Just as every photographer asks you to pose for portrait shots, I similarly like to film a few beautiful shots of the two of you alone as I often like to bookend your film with them and pepper them throughout.  This is a choice of course – some couples prefer to have zero posing and that’s totally fine!  If there is a beautiful location or sunset though it’s an amazing opportunity to get a few shots which show you at your best.

Check out George and Emily’s wedding film which has a few of these types of shots:

George and Emily from Jane Beeley on Vimeo.


Six – “I’ll never watch it”

The appeal of a photographer is obvious – photos are such an accessible medium and can be shared everywhere and printed to live in frames and albums that are readily viewable.  It’s true that you’ll probably ‘see’ your photos more often than you view your wedding video, but the enjoyment you’ll receive from the two is incomparable since video is able to recall such stronger, deeper memories. I deliver my films on a destination webpage that is shareable, and the videos are downloadable to anyone with the link which makes it so easy for friends and family to view and enjoy. In addition, it’s easy to share them on Facebook which I know from my own experience is where I often go when I want to have a little pick me up and re-watch my wedding day back!  Even as a videographer myself, I’ve been surprised at how often I watch mine.


Seven – “I’ll regret it”

I have to say in all my time in the wedding industry I have never heard anyone EVER say they regretted having a wedding video!!  Quite the opposite, it’s usually a couples’ biggest regret not having one.  If you’re considering it, even without my videographer hat on, I say GO FOR IT!


Check out a number of different ones before choosing (Festival Brides is a great place to start) and have a nosey at my website, Jane Louise Films as well to see if I might be a good fit for you.

Jane Louise Films is a member of our Festival Wedding Directory. For more information on her services and beautiful wedding videos, please visit her listing (Jane Louise Films) in our wedding photography and film category.

Big shout out to Jane for talking with us today.


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