Every couple wants their wedding day to be special and unique. Music Festival fans may choose to personalise their own wedding by using a festival theme. The crazy bohemian mix of free-spirited individuals who are fellow festival fans plus the fun of planning a day with a difference means paying attention to those juicy details that turn a great occasion into a fabulous one.

There’s plenty to think about of course, in addition to clothing style and fun accessories; the ceremony, venues, photography and flowers, etc. One detail that shouldn’t be overlooked, however, is the centrepieces for the tables at whatever classy yurt or marquee the festival couple may have selected for their celebrations. Guests are going to be gazing at these for many hours so they need to make an impression that reflects how much this special day means.


Perhaps the most traditional centrepiece choice, floral posies can be a little regimented and unimaginative unless, of course, the bride and groom decide to opt for an offbeat take on how the flowers are arranged and presented. Using small glass flower bottles is one great way to do things a little differently. Dartington Glassware specialises in a wide range of quality coloured glass bottles designed for specific flowers, including poppies, anemones and lily of the valley; they are also suitable for life after the ceremony. They are a great addition to any home or tipi and make a vibrant display, as each colourful bottle is embellished with its own flower motif.

purple-miniOther imaginative receptacles for floral centrepieces include wicker baskets, especially effective if a balloon is attached and anchored to the basket with gold netting. Again, this can be personalised by choosing balloon colours to match the wedding theme. Another option is to customise a few balloons by adding the names of the bride and groom or their favourite festival/band/track of all time.


For those who don’t do flowers unless it is absolutely necessary, candles are often a favourite fall-back. Scented candles are a lovely addition and there are lots of possibilities beyond the standard candelabra when it comes to receptacles. If sticking to a theme reflecting being outdoors at a festival, then vintage lanterns can be very pretty, especially if they have coloured glass windows. Creating a centrepiece made of a trio of connected frames to display childhood or engagement photos is an unusual idea and is enhanced further if lit from inside by tealights.

Rock ‘n roll

Attractive pebbles, pieces of coral and shells, all make decorative centrepieces if creatively displayed. Pinecones and crinkly leaves are lovely for an autumn wedding, whether arranged naturally or spray-painted according to the colour theme. For a rugged, natural effect, freestanding larger rocks can be personalised with the bridal couple’s names, while smaller pebbles and shells look gorgeous clustered together in an attractive glass container. A wider-necked receptacle, such as Dartington’s green lily glass bottle, would be prefect.


Take a little time out to think about what kind of centrepiece really reflects the passions of the special couple and then just go with the flow.

Thanks to Charlotte for sending us in your guest post! I am swooning big time over the Dartington coloured glass and candles – just lovely!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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