HolaFor those that follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I’ve just come back from the beautiful Island of Ibiza. For those that don’t already, please do! @joloveshair I was shooting there with some rather special gals, using Bumble and Bumble’s new summer range of hair products which are perfect for no fuss styling. I will be sharing the whole shoot with you here, next month. It’s a beauty I promise!

I try and go to Ibiza at least once a year, for such a small island it really is rather special place and for those of you thinking it’s all glow sticks and kebab shops, think again.

There are places that cater for the younger party crew and big drinkers but there are so many secret coves, beautiful beach-side bars and hidden gems plus all the truly awesome night clubs (For cool babes with a big budgets) that it has become the place to go not just for hen do’s but weddings too.

In that 200 odd square miles of Island there is a large percentage of creative, arty types and yogis giving a beautiful holistic, hippy vibe and some pretty cool venues which is what I love the most. 

So where to go and what to do? Holidays are such a personal thing, what I love may not be for you and visa versa, but here’s a ‘lil round up of some fun places and things that I loved, and actually I don’t mind if you don’t – I prefer it when it’s quiet! 

Here’s just a handful of the things I‘d recommend… 


Amante Beach 

This place is a Pinterest dream – I know, ‘cause that’s where I originally found it. They cover everything from cosy dinners, drinks on bean bags on the beach to outdoor cinema nights. In my opinion, not to be missed!

And… you can get married there. Boom!

Soulshine Retreats 

I visited this yoga retreat for a week last year, I went alone and I’ve got to say it was a real game changer for me.

So peaceful and relaxing yet always things to do if you’re interested – Holistic and Mindfulness classes, Nutrition workshops, all kinds of yoga throughout the day, trips to Ibiza town and boat trips. Or you just hang by the amazing pool and work on your tan. The babes there really look after you and nourish your soul as well as your body.

I came back enlightened, tanned, toned and with a ton of new mates. I laughed just as much as I yogi’d. I am planning on adding it to my yearly budget. 

Go, either with friends for a zen-hen or be brave and go it alone. You won’t regret it!


This one’s gotta be done.

Whatever your age, you need to go. The vibe is awesome, we didn’t get in there until after 2am so time for a power nap beforehand. I spent 20 euros on a drink that I promptly dropped before it reached my lips and spent the rest of the night dancing my sandals off and drinking water. The music was enough. No need to get cherry tattoos on your butt, just enjoy the music and tick it off the list.


Really chilled Ibizan vibe with Lebanese food. Decorated in a way that makes you wanna come home and start painting your house white and spending crazy amounts of money on cushions. It’s cool. Really cool. Probably not mad hen party cool, but if you love a mezzo & cocktail situation as much as me, this your place. A group of 12 of us went for pre club birthday dinner and it hit the spot! Great lighting and sea views too.

Cotton Beach Club 

White everything, the kinda place you could go in a evening dress with flip flops and the guys wear white shorts. It’s beautifully designed, lots of sea views, lots of seafood and great people spotting. And if you hit it right an awesome sunset. Oh man, I want to go right now!

I’ve only ever been at night but you can hang out with the cool kids in the day and take in the scenery on your lush white sun bed.

Other stuff that you just NEED to do on this amazing Island (apart from chill the jeff out and jump off the rocks into the clear waters)

Las Dalias 

The hippy market that they’ve been proudly offering since the actual real life hippies set it up in the 60’s. Its AMAZING!!!! I could literally spend a whole day there but if you go in the evening – ideal after dinner, there is live music and the best fresh strawberry daiquiris  around. I’d love to take my daughter here so we could buy trinkets and friendship bracelets to our hearts content. I feel like Ted would love it to but going with my girlfriends a couple of years ago was so much fun!! Defiantly a highlight!

Hire a boat 

Go on an adventure – we were lucky enough to take out our friends for the day but there are loads of places got hire them. If going for a wedding or hen do, it would be a great thing to do with your guests. The clear, calm waters are great for SUP boarding too or take a trip over to Fomenter, it’a meant to be gorgeous.

Get your glitz on!

Our girl Tahnee from It’s In Your Dreams can hook you up with a make up artist to come and get you pool party ready on your hen do at a venue to suit you. Also great for Ibiza weddings when your guests are ready to amp their look for the evening  

Benirras Beach 

North of the Island this hang out is famous for it’s sunsets and hippy drumming Sundays. It’s also home to a rather cool restaurant (I had the most amazing spaghetti with half a lobster sitting on the top!) plus all the usual dreamy shops. Dresses, shoes, bags and jewellery that make me wanna move! Right Up My Street!

To give you an idea of my demographic – I haven’t been there with my husband or kids yet (but will soon!). I’m nearly 40 (bleurgh!) But love a big night out, although can probably only handle one (or two!!) a week but only if someone absolutely promises me I don’t have to do ANYTHING the next day. I usually go with girl friends. When I went last week it was about work for me, so lots of chill time, boat trips, nice dinners and early (ish) nights, but there are many sides to Ibiza. You’ll find yours.

My ideal holiday usually involves SUP boarding, boating and surfing over lying in the sun all day, but I’m no quitter, I’ll give it a go! And in Ibiza I can do both. 

There’s always ‘Beefa’ too, where I’m sure you will find a jolly good kebab and someone will tattoo you some Pacha cherries on your butt cheek for a fiver. I know what I’d prefer! 

I cannot wait to share our Ibiza Beauty shoot next week , featuring Jessie May Young +  Tahnee from It’s In Your Dreams!


Peace Love & Awesome Hair


Jo xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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