1Morning hotties!

Ok, ok, I know…

‘It’s not even December yet! Stop, stop with the Christmas already!’

HOWEVER, y’all have to admit, now is the time to order your cards, you so don’t wanna be that cray-cray kid panicking mid-store because all the cutest cards already got purchased in the seasonal frenzy that we’re (whether we like it or not) already in the midst of!

So, get yourself a little hot cocoa, whack a couple of mallows in the top and suck your Scrooge back into his cave and deal with it!

Here at FBrides we love ADORE a well-designed little card: something quirky and plenty cheeky usually!

These are our favourites for 2014…

Lola Hoad Design

Yup, you’re welcome! We’ve done the hard for you dolls (it was SUCH hard work, no I’m kiddin’) and scoured the depths of Etsy to bring you some of the hottest stationery designers ouuuut. First up, meet Lola Hoad Designs.

Lola’s contemporary hand-lettered designs are totally on point this Christmas (errbody loves a chunky, scrawled font right now) and we’re all about the little bracketed comments.

Seriously, Lola, you’re tickling our funny bone and warming our hearts!



A firm favourite here at FBrides, Plewsy’s quirky illustrations are right up our street, and yours for that matter!

Cue cosy mittens, socks galore, a sweet little reindeer and we are sold!

You can find Plewsy in our directory too (before I forget that this is a wedding blog and not in fact Santa’s grotto!) she designs THE MOST incred bespoke wedding stationery.

Understated, earthy tones with a seriously cute vibe.



Emily McDowell

As you may have already learnt from a few of my previous ravings, for me… Emily McDowell’s designs are just ERRTHANG.

Her tagline: ‘Chronicling the Human Condition Since 1976’ just says it all really!

This gal speaks fluent sarcasm, and we just LOVE it!

1918202122Right?! She’s a freakin’ genius!

Little Low

Cute cute and just a dash more of CUTE.

The gorgeous work of Little Low is another Etsy diamond we’ve excavated for y’all.

From warming Holiday must haves to the sweetest darn postcards you’re gonna see all season, Little Low’s nailed it.

Because you know you have a special Christmas mug and it’s time you hauled it out already!

131514Too sweet, aren’t they? I could totally do with that entire must-haves list today! The office is reeeeeet chilly!

Origami Est

For something a little out of the ordinary, you baes need this new age take on the nativity… Because clearly a little baby Jesus would want a little something in neon if he were born this year, right?!

Origami Est totally smashed the sparkly glam Christmas vibe. Love. It.


Feelin’ a little festive now? Yah, ditto, just go with it!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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